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The Beaded Frog December 10, 2008

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     I wanted to take a minute to feature the Etsy store of my friend Stacey, The Beaded Frog.


     I love Stacey’s jewelry.  It’s simple and classic and affordable.  My daughter loves Stacey’s jewelry because it’s colorful and bright and fun.


     If you’re looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, be sure to stop by her store.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



Kemi’s favorites:

Aquamarine Swarovski and silver necklace--SALE     Pink and Black necklace--SALE     Silver Snowflake earrings--SALE     Montana Snow Drops--SALE


Kendra’s favorites:

Jingle Bell Elastic bracelet     Triple Scoop Pearl earrings     Chocolate Fudge Sundae Earrings     Sprinkle Donuts plastic earrings


2 Responses to “The Beaded Frog”

  1. Sharane Says:

    Hi Kemi! That is really cute jewelry! Love your story about going to the wrong car(s)! Thanks for the memories you left on my blog! One of my favs with you is when you gave me a little gift and cute card on my last day of work before I had Masen and joined the stay-at-home mom’s club! I have a million memories with you! My favs are definitely the talks we had! We could talk about anything and everything, I loved it! I seriously was so sad when you moved! I still miss you! So glad you have a blog!
    I totally remember when Alex was outside in his jammies!
    I just saw him walk past my kitchen window and thought, I wonder if anyone know if he is outside? He was so cute!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Kemi! What a great friend to pass along her info! She has such beautiful pieces!! Thanks for spreading the word!

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