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Christmas Checklist (revised) December 15, 2008

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 Tree up.          check

Outside lights up.          check    

(Last year I discovered I only *thought* I was married to Kenny…  in reality, I share a bed with Clark W. Griswold.  We only put up half the lights this year- thanks, snow!- , and our house STILL stands out.)

Shopping done.          check

Wrapping done.          In progress.  Not worried.

Christmas books put out.          check

Christmas cards visualized.          check

Materials purchased.          check

Nutcracker stamps purchased.          check

Christmas cards cut, stamped, assembled.          Holyfreakingcrap, I’ve run out of time!  

Panic setting in.          check

Christmas baking done.          In stages.  New treat every few days.  Gooooood.   😀

Teacher gifts selected.          No, and I’m drawing a blank. 

(This should be easy for me, but I’m stuck.  I have until Thursday.  Yikes!)

Holiday cold caught.          check

Feeling miserable.          in progress


3 Responses to “Christmas Checklist (revised)”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    Hang in there, Mrs. Griswold! *snort!*

    You ASSEMBLE Christmas cards? From scratch? Yipes, I don’t even send the things anymore–this year I even cheated and bought pre-made cookie dough. And teacher gifts? What are those? LOL! This year my gift to dd’s teacher is not yanking her chain over the holidays. hehehehehe. (I can’t help it. The woman irritates me.) Our other dd is in Jr. High with many teachers, so that’s not happening, either.

    Sorry to hear you’ve got a cold. The germies seem to be making the rounds. Feel mo’betta. *hug*

  2. kweenmama Says:

    We no longer send Christmas cards anymore either. I sometimes feel guilty about it. I used to make my own Christmas cards like you, but as the kids have gotten older and busier, uh, so have I.

    I only have one left in Elementary school so I only have one teacher to worry about. No ideas on what to give though.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. High Hopes Says:

    I am totally in panic mode now. I still haven’t gotten anything for the dh, because he hasn’t given me any ideas and I am stumped. Good ole hard cold cash is becoming a quick reality for me.

    I forgot about the Christmas cards this year. I used to get them all done in October believe it or not. At least I am saving trees.

    I actually was ahead of the game for teacher’s gifts. I made a beautiful freshwater pink pearl and crystal sterling silver double strand bracelet for the dd’s teacher and gave her some things from Body shop. Then there was the out of school care lady and school secretary – they all were given goodies from the Body Shop.

    As for baking – I am going to buy some of the things. I just don’t have time any more and we don’t eat it as much. We will be making gingerbread cookies from scratch though.

    Sorry to hear you have to cold, the dd has it too and is feeling horrible.

    As for snow we have just gotten a dump and it has paralyzed the city and we are expecting more. They don’t know how to drive in the stuff here on the Island. ICK!

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