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Plan B December 17, 2008

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     What happens when you ordered all the paper, punches, ribbon and stamp pads back in August to construct your own Christmas cards, but then got too busy to make them?


     You put them away for next year, type up a quick (QUICK!) newsletter, throw on some cute clip art, print them in black and white, and make your family color 50 of them for Family Home Evening.


(Kemi’s note:  For any of you Christmas card recipients who read my blog– I send my apologies in advance for the multi-colored Santas and/or the monochromatic elves.  The kids tired out at the end.  Maybe we should have had the donuts first?)


     I am QUEEN of the slackers.  Worship me.


5 Responses to “Plan B”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So truthful…so real. I love it!

    You are better than me this year for sure…I didn’t even bother with a plan A. 🙂

  2. cowgalutah Says:

    bless your heart…that is a great idea! I think your recipients should be grateful that you even remembered them. This time of year is so crazy and I think you’ll pull it all off.

    I was really stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas…cause I’m to lazy to even address envelopes.

  3. Marci Says:

    Wow, homemade Christmas cards? The thought would never even occur to me.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. K. Trainor Says:

    Good gravy–I didn’t even get to Christmas cards this year. You pulled off a whole hand colored letter at the last minute? You RAWK!

  5. […] pictures into the computer, so I could print them off and include them in our Christmas cards last-minute Christmas letters.  Late Saturday night, he called to tell me I had an e-mail, and when I opened it to un-zip the […]

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