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The Joy of Siblings December 22, 2008

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     Last night we celebrated Anthony’s birthday with his grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousin.  With seven extra people in the house, it’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s wild.  (We almost lost the Christmas Tree last night, but the lamp hit the window, instead.)


     The evening began with a showing of Mr. Bean’s Christmas (thanks, Konnon.  My kids have been “Sssssshhh”-ing the nativity all morning.), and ended with Kevin getting stuck in Anthony’s sleeping bag.  It was totally accidental, because really, who would expect a 6′ 3″ man wouldn’ t fit comfortably in a small plush blanket designed for a three-year-old?  And that wasn’t even what tipped the lamp over.


     See?  Wild.


     One of the brightest spots of the night happened at dinner.  Before I get into it, I need to give you a day’s worth of back-story…  My brother Kevin is a computer genius and owns a fancy, high-tech scanner.  I have been asking him for weeks to scan my kids’ school pictures into the computer, so I could print them off and include them in our Christmas cards last-minute Christmas letters.  Late Saturday night, he called to tell me I had an e-mail, and when I opened it to un-zip the pictures, I saw that he had given all my kids nicknames.  Rather than Anthony, Hannah, Kendra and Alex, I had Bully, Runt, Stink and Wimp.


     I laughed so hard he could have named me “Pee-Pee”. 


     With those names, my kids remind me of Little Rascals.  How fitting.  He pegged them ALL.  (Especially the bully and runt parts.)


     Anyway, so we were sitting around the table last night, and Kendra was a bit gassy.  After the giggling stopped, Hannah piped up and said, “Hey Kendra!  That’s why they call you STINK.”


     And that was the time when eight adults spit punch simultaneously.  Some through mouth, some through nose.  It took a full five minutes to settle down.


     That’s how we celebrate Christmas ’round here.  And birthdays.  With crazy antics, potty humor and spit takes.


     I LOVE my family!


3 Responses to “The Joy of Siblings”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    You guys are funny see I always get a good laugh when I read your blog. Hope you got all the wrapping dun.

  2. kweenmama Says:

    My family has a lot of fun together too. It’s nice when family lives close enough to get together, eh? Your group sounds like it would get along quite well with mine. (Maybe that wouldn’t be a good thing!)

  3. gr8tful Says:

    That sounds wonderful, nothing
    better then having fun and laughing
    with family! I wish you the best
    Christmas ever!! HUGS!

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