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I Want… To Catch Up On Some January Photos February 5, 2009

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     If you hate those blog posts where a bunch of random photos are all thrown out together, I admonish you to STOP READING RIGHT NOW.


     This is going to be one of those posts.


     My January got away from me (like all months seem to do lately), and I really wanted to publish the pictures earlier, but it didn’t happen.  Better late than never, right?


     This is an easy post.  Sit back, scroll down, and enjoy.  (Or not…)   😀



This is Anthony’s first day of Sunbeams.  Doesn’t he look adorable?  He was so excited to be in the “big” Primary, although I know he’ll miss playing with the toys and friends from Nursery.


***** ***** ***** ***** *****



Aaaah, the infamous Candy Houses.  My mom did these with her 2nd grade class, and was gracious enough to bring us some extra supplies.  We (I) put them off for weeks, and the kids lost all hope of ever doing them.  When they were out of school for Martin Luther King day, I promised them that if nothing else got done, we would do those houses.  The results were worth it– they were darling.  (And messy.)




Alex’s house– My favorite part was the “string” of lights he made out of Nerds around the edge of the roof.  I would never have thought to do that.  Be sure to notice the yellow gum”ball” left out in the snow.  It closely resembles our backyard.  🙂










Kendra’s house– Notice the green Nerd-wreath on the door, as well as the doorknob.  I thought it was so creative!  She has an orange “ball” in the snow, too, on the right, as well as a purple gumdrop shovel that was abandoned after “shoveling” the top right corner, where there are car tracks.


I cried when I threw this away. 









Hannah’s house– I had to be careful with the camera angle on this one.  It took a few practice shots to take those kisses straight-on.  (From the top, they looked like rejects from a Madonna tour.  Even my MOM made that comment.)


I love the house’s face.  The eyebrows, the little pink nose, and the crooked smile. 


I got to help with the lamppost.  (I think it’s FABULOUS.)   🙂






Anthony’s House– I wasn’t sure how he’d do with this activity, but he had a great time slapping candy on the house.  (To be honest, I’m surprised he got as much candy on it as he did.  He was far more interested in eating the candy than he was in decorating with it.)


(That’s my boy.)













There was a lot of this going on.  Royal Icing…  eeeeeeewwww.






***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Alex earned the honor of being “Top Dog” at his elementary school.  It’s a quarterly award given by grade, so it’s a really big deal.  We celebrated with him at a breakfast hosted by the PTA.  It was a nice way to end the month.


top-dog-breakfast-alex      top-dog-breakfast-kendra  top-dog-breakfast-hannahtop-dog-breakfast-anthony




alex-award    alex-and-braden






























Future Junior Huskies


2 Responses to “I Want… To Catch Up On Some January Photos”

  1. I love this post. Your kids are ADORABLE… and Kendra is so creative! I love it when kids really get into the details of what goes into a house (like a driveway, a shovel). Awesome.

  2. High Hopes Says:

    This is a great post! I love the pictures! Oh my gosh are your kids ever beautiful. The houses are so cute. I remember when dd made a little house like that. Last year they made the same kind of dealio, but used a pointy icecream cone turned upside down and made a decorated Christmas tree. You looked like you had a good time with them. Cheers!

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