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I Want… My Kids February 6, 2009

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     Alex is spending the night with a friend, and Hannah is having her quarterly sleepover with Grandma, so I am down to two kids.  We’ve had a fun night so far, getting (cheap) food from Wendy’s and watching Enchanted together, and it’s nice to have two-on-one time, but I miss my other babies.


     As soon as the movie is over, Kendra and Anthony are going to have a sleepover on Kendra’s floor.  They are really excited about it.  It’s good to see Anthony excited about spending time with a sibling when punching or hitting isn’t involved, and it eases a little bit of the sting of not having a sleepover to go to.


     I’m looking forward to tomorrow, though, when I’ll have all four babies home with me.


     I wonder how long it will take before I want to send one back to Grandma’s?   😀



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