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I Want… A New Hairstyle (Help me!) February 9, 2009

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     I broke down.  I can’t stand my mop of sorry, sorry hair for one more minute, so I scheduled a hair appointment for tomorrow afternoon.


     Now I need to figure out how I want it cut.




     It was a no-makeup day.  Please don’t hate.  🙂


     So here’s my dilemma.  I think about the only thing I can do at this point, besides going super-short again, is some sort of modified wedge bob that starts at my earlobe and is stacked in back.  (I know that will mean it’s short-ish again, but I’m looking for something versatile enough to look decent as it grows out, and I think it will be okay.)


     Here are some of the styles I like, although my hair isn’t long enough (yet) for the chin-length bob.  Do you think it will look okay anyway, or will I still look ridiculous, only with shorter hair? 


  I swore I would NEVER do this style, but it’s grown on me.

  My kids don’t like this one, because they’re afraid I won’t be able to see.   😀

  I don’t think my layers have grown out long enough for this one, but I love how sleek it looks.

  This one has shorter layers on the side, which I definitely will have.  And bangs, which I also will have.

  I like this one, but it’s going in the wrong direction, length-wise.  Also, I don’t think I am cool enough to pull off this look. 

  Call me crazy, but I love this look.  Again, I am lacking the required coolness-factor.



    Or, do I throw in the towel and go back to this?

  Or this?



     Hurry and comment, okay?  I have 19 hours left to decide.  (Or, rather, YOU do.)   😀


8 Responses to “I Want… A New Hairstyle (Help me!)”

  1. kspin Says:

    We are totally on the same wavelength Kemi, I love the ‘Posh’ bob. In fact, that’s exactly how I’m getting my hair cut today! I almost did this identical post too! lol! Happy haircut day!

  2. lifeofdi Says:

    OK. So when I was growing my hair out, the posh bob/Paris Hilton bob was how I had it cut. I KNOW it’s super annoying to grow it out, but you’ll love it when you do! Stay strong! And it is the best way to cut it that will grow out as cute as possible.

    or alternately, I even liked this Renee Zellweger kind of hair. It’s a little different than the Posh hair.

    scroll to the bottom of the link and ignore them making fun of the haircut, because I like it 😀 and if you do that’s all that matters.

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    Argh! It just ate my comment.

    In brief. Posh/Paris Hilton bob is the best way to go with growing out without getting annoyed at your hair. It’s a pain in the butt, but you can do it!

    Also check this out. Scroll to the bottom three or four posts. It’s a Renee Zellweger do that’s slightly different. Ignore the fact that they’re making fun of her for it, because if you like it and I like it then it’s all good and they don’t matter!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful experience at the salon today! I’ve had that last cut myself. It’s super short and doesn’t grow out well, but it sure is cute for the first month or so!

  5. Meredith McIlrath Says:

    I LOVE short hair. I don’t think you could go wrong. I really want to cut my hair (I HATE growing it out)… but I also REALLY want long hair. What’s a girl to do?

  6. kweenmama Says:

    I say you go to your hair stylist and ask him/her their opinion. Aren’t they trained to decide what will look good on an individual? You are braver than me. I never dare to go shorter than my shoulders–I’m such a chicken. My kids like short styles though.

  7. Okay, so you will show us the “after” photo, right?

  8. lifeofdi Says:

    I tried to leave a message on this yesterday, but it wouldn’t let me.

    I like the Posh/Paris look for growing out. It’s cute.

    There are some recent pics of Renee Zellweger with short, but slightly different hair that I really like too. Just google “renee zellweger short hair” and it came up with the right pics.

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