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Book Baby February 25, 2009

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     I took Hannah and Anthony to story time at the Tyler library today.  They had a great time listening to “bee” stories, singing “bee” songs, and making paper flowers and buzzing bees to decorate the children’s room at the library.


     As we searched the shelves for the perfect stories to bring home (insert dramatic hand-to-forehead gesture here), I realized that I had forgotten to get Hannah her own library card when she turned five.  I was beating myself up for not remembering, you know, because Alex and Kendra both got theirs within days of their fifth birthdays, and she smiled at me and said, “It’s okay, Mommy.  We’ll just get it today and I’ll be soooooo happy!”


     (I LOVE that girl.)


     We did, and she was, and she proudly wrote her name on the back of her card.  I even let her check out five books of her own, and she insisted on carrying them to the van.


     It was such a nice morning, topped off by lunch and some story-reading before naps. 


     I am really loving my simple-life makeover.  (Or is it make-under?)  I feel happier and so much more content, and the house is starting to shape up as well.  There is still so much to do, but I’m taking it slowly.  It’s amazing what fun things you discover when you take the time to look for them.


     Like libraries. 


     And daughters. 


     And the Dumb Bunnies.  (I had forgotten about them!)




2 Responses to “Book Baby”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    What an adorable little smile! She’s a cutie, Kemi. 🙂

  2. Rachel Says:

    What a precious little girl! I am glad your makeunder is going so well…it sounds calming and serene. I like that!!

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