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Sew what’s the big deal? February 27, 2009

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     Last week I bought this pattern:



and this fabric (50% off!):



to make a dress for this little girl:




and somehow, I can’t quite bring myself to start it.  I haven’t sewn an article of clothing since I was in high school (and the results were always embarrassingly crooked), but for some reason I feel inspired to revisit the whole sewing endeavor.  Not in an “everyone’s doing it!” kind of way, but in the “you really need to polish this skill for the future” sort of thing.  And that really scares me.


     Maybe that’s why the pattern and material have been sitting in the cheery red bag since last week.  I can’t bring myself to even open the pattern, let alone cut it and get started.  I picked the easiest pattern I could find.  I know that it will only take five seams and a hem, and yet, I am unable to move forward. 


     What do you do when you’ve scared yourself silly over a summer play dress?


7 Responses to “Sew what’s the big deal?”

  1. SewDucky Says:

    The honest answer is you have to just suck it up and do it. It’s fabric (looks like a cotton or cotton blend) and will take seam ripping well and after all, you CAN fix it. Baste the sleeves to get them right before you sew, and take your time and have fun. Sewing is a hobby (even if you think you may need the skill later) and if it’s not fun, you won’t do it.

    I made my son a vest for church. It was a fairly fancy one (I had been sewing for a while, admittedly) and out of brocade and fussed and fumed and worried over it for about a month. Eventually I had to sit and just do it and it came out fine. Not perfect, but fine. He loved it, so much so, I didn’t mind the errors I made.

    Joy is what it’s all about.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I agree with the above comment. It’s about joy. When I sew (which is obviously a new thing for me too) I love feeling the fabric and hearing the hum of the sewing machine. And I dream about what it will be in the end…I LOVE to create. See the vision in the end and get going. My lines aren’t always straight and I am sure I have many imperfections, but it isn’t about being perfect to me. It’s about going forward and learning for the next time.

    Dust off the machine and get sewing girl! You can do it!

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I started a quilt last week. Now strips of blocks are sitting on my desk…

    I went to the store last night and bought a bunch of patterns that were 99 cents each… and some fabric for a really cute dress. But I’m afraid to make a cut. I’ve never done this sewing thing without my mom’s loving (and incredibly helpful, that woman is a sewing goddess) guidance. I’m afraid…

  4. cowgalutah Says:

    Oh what a cute fabric…I love to shop for fabric, but I have a problem with actually using it. I don’t really know why.

    I’m sure it will turn out great…have fun with it!

  5. Kemi Says:

    Okay, you sewing pros, what if I just sew the inside seams and put double-fold bias tape around the sleeves, neck and hem?

    Cop-out? YES.
    Chicken? YES.

    (I read the pattern instructions and the part about fusible interfacing made me want to weep. Also, there are SO many terms I don’t know!)

  6. SewDucky Says:

    Well Kemi, I’ve sewn for years and I have one thing to say about bias tape: blech.

    I can’t sew it evenly, I get frustrated and generally avoid it.

    I also sew in a hurry because I know how to do a seam. Bias tape is fussy for me. You may be ok with it, this is one of my preferences. (I know a gal that sews and says the opposite of me: facings never lay right and sleeves and armholes drive her nuts, and we’ve both sewn for over 15 years).

    Not a cop out of being a chicken. You found what works for you to do the project, and that is what it’s all about.

  7. Kemi Says:

    I actually unfolded the entire pattern today, and cut it apart. Then I put it in my window, traced the size 6 onto butcher paper, and cut that out.

    (Rachel, it worked perfectly!)

    Then I carefully folded the original pattern back up and put it away, until I need a size 7 or 8.

    My next step will be to wash the fabric. By next weekend, I hope to have it completely cut out and started, if not finished. Woo hoo! 🙂

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