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Baby Love March 1, 2009

Filed under: motherhood,sleep — Kemi @ 9:05 am

     I had another dream last night.  Another dream about babies (although this one was MUCH LESS FREAKY than the first one!).


     I dreamed that my brother asked me to carry his baby (remember that “Friends” episode?  “My sister’s gonna have my baby!!!” ), and I was going to have twins;  a boy and a girl.  My dream happened to be right at the end of the pregnancy, when I was feeling punky and tired and strange, and confident I was going to have those babies within the next 24 hours.


     I was very “zen” about the whole impending-delivery thing.  I remember letting people feel my bare stomach, because you could easily feel heads and bottoms, and little feet and hands (at that point, Anthony crawled into bed with me, so I probably was feeling that, just not internally).  I remember making a list of questions to ask my brother, like did he want to be in the operating room?  Did he want me to breastfeed while we were all in the hospital?  Did he want them to stay with me in my room?  (I really hoped the last two answers would be “yes”.)


     And, like Phoebe (from “Friends”), I really wanted to keep one.  Or both.  Oh, I would have happily given them to Kevin, but I was secretly hoping he would change his mind and let me take them home.


     I don’t even need help deciphering this dream.  😀


     If I could only convince my husband…


9 Responses to “Baby Love”

  1. Rachel Says:

    oh….sigh….I wish I knew what to say. You are a super mom, and one more wouldn’t hurt, right??? 🙂 Just make Kenny some of those chocolate peppermint/candy cane treats. That will certainly woo him.

  2. Ohhh….I have had dreams like that before. Sometimes I wake up truly wanting another sweet one, but for now, we’re happy with 2. How many would you like to have? 🙂

    • Kemi Says:

      I have four. Some days I think that’s enough, but I’m starting to count heads because I feel like someone is missing, so I think it’s a sign that I’m ready for another one.

      Or the looney bin. 😀

      One more would be wonderful, but then I’d probably feel guilty about leaving that sibling without a mate, so we’d probably have to go for one more.

      Gah! Mother of six?

      • lifeofdi Says:

        I was the odd one out in my family. Baby of five, and while I don’t necessarily have a basis for comparison, I’m actually glad it was that way. I’m such an introvert that it was nice to be on my own.

        So don’t feel bad if you have a fifth without a sixth 😀

  3. zenbiscuit Says:

    Well if that’s true, then I’m moving in with you – that’s what I dreamt last night, I remember I even complimented your hair and lived in a tent.

    Please don’t think I’m weird.

  4. kweenmama Says:

    Have you told Kenny about this dream? When my youngest (my only son) was born I had such a strong impression that there was a brother for him. Then my then-husband made certain choices and the marriage soon ended. The feeling went away. It makes me wonder sometimes…

    • Kemi Says:

      He’s said in no uncertain terms that a baby right now is out of the question. He says if (and for him, it’s an IIIIIFFFF) we have another baby, we should hold off four or five years. I’ll be 38, and our youngest will be 7. In my opinion, that’s way too long to wait, especially since we struggled so much with infertility at the beginning of our marriage.

      I do not want to be having kids when I’m in my forties. It’s a personal preference. 😀

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