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Bed Buddies March 3, 2009

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     I tend to sleep alone for the first half of the night, when Kenny is still watching television and/or playing video games.  I am okay with this.  I love spreading out in the center of the bed, and hugging my body pillow, and searching for cold areas on the sheets with my bare toes.


     Last night I had a companion.


     Just as I was dozing off, twenty pounds of solid bulk jumped onto my feet and settled on my shoulder, nudging my hand with her face.  Repeatedly.  Then she settled into the crook behind my knee, on the body pillow, and she was content to sleep there until Kenny came to bed.  (He hates that cat.  Probably something to do with me making him take litterbox duties– and seriously, we have an automatic one, so it’s not like he’s scooping every day.  Or maybe it’s because she uses the downstairs carpet as her alternate litterbox.  Yeah, that’s what it is…)  He woke us both up by whisper-shouting “Ppppssssst!” and suddenly that heavy, warm spot on my leg was gone.


     Rude.  SO rude.


     What he *doesn’t* know is that when I got up to go to the bathroom about twenty minutes later, Midnight was waiting for me by the side of the bed, and as soon as I laid down again, she took her spot back.  (She probably gave him the feline “finger” as she curled up.  You don’t mess with a sleeping cat.  At least, not ours.)


     She hasn’t jumped on our bed to sleep with us in years.  She used to do it when it was really cold and she needed that extra warmth (or maybe she thought WE did), but temperatures here have been much more mild lately.  For the first few years we had her, when Kenny was working nights, she’d patrol the headboard, keeping me safe.  When I was pregnant with Alex, Kenny went on a week-long trip to Las Vegas, and she never left my side.  After we moved to this house, though, she found hundreds of new places to hide, and sometimes there are several days that go by where we don’t even see her.   She is a very independent, indoor cat, content to cuddle up in a drawer somewhere or in a pile of old clothes.  That’s why last night was so surprising.  And wonderful. 


     I hope it’s something she’ll continue to do.


(Disclaimer:  This is not my black cat.  My  cat disappeared when I tried to take her picture.)


2 Responses to “Bed Buddies”

  1. High Hopes Says:

    I have a 16 pound shivering mass of fur that now whines beside the bed in the middle of the night until she can come up on the bed and sleep in almost the very same spot your cat does. The doggis is now about 11 and she is getting old and gets cold in themiddle of the night or just needs some human company. My hub usually wakes up and puts her on the bed because otherwise she whines until you do. Then she snuggles in and goes to sleep. I asked the dh “Why don’t you just put her up when you come to bed and then she won’t wake you up.” He said “It is his bed not hers.” So I snicker and point out that she seems to be up on “his bed” every morning having her little doggy dreams and snoring happily in harmony with him.

    I like the part of your story about the “feline finger” ROF. That made me chuckle pretty hard.

  2. kweenmama Says:

    Our dog has recently started sneaking up on our bed in the middle of the night. He never used to do that. He has always slept in my daughter’s room, but the last little while he refuses to sleep in there, and now we find him on our bed when we wake in the morning. I’ve told my daughter that it must be some sort of plot by the dog…soon he’s going to kick us out of our bed.

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