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Potty Power Struggle March 18, 2009

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      I am determined to potty-train Anthony by the summer if it kills me.  (It very likely will, so I want you to be prepared for my funeral.)  He has been “interested” in using the potty for more than a year, but the minute he found out that I wanted him to do it, the training became more of a game.  I have lost count of how many pairs of training pants he’s soiled just minutes after getting up from the potty, in acts of defiance.  We’ve tried candy bribes, going potty for pennies (brilliant idea, btw), giving him Cheerios to “aim” for, choosing “big boy” underwear, begging, whining, yelling and crying.  (Lots and LOTS of crying.  From me, of course.)


     The little stinker is completely unmoved.  And unmotivated.


     He’ll be going off to college in diapers, I’m afraid.  (Although, it would completely serve him right.)


     On Monday, I decided to get aggressive with the training.  I made him strip from the waist down, which he hated, and he went bare all morning.  He kept telling me, “Mom, this is as-gusting.  I want pants.”  He made it to the potty three times, and purposely had an “accident” on the floor, which I rewarded with a swat on his (bare!) bottom.  [Mother’s note: Had it been a real accident, I would never have done that.  This was deliberate.]  He got a diaper for nap time, and went bare in the afternoon, until we went outside to play.  He did pretty well, but complained constantly about being “naked and as-gusting”.


     Yesterday was a potty no-go, as I was at the school and Kenny will have no part in potty-training, so this morning we started our second naked day.  Anthony is furious with  me, and has spent the better part of the morning wiping his (bare!) (clean!) bottom over every surface of the house and playing with his penis.  And narrating every tug and tweak.


     It makes me want to flush myself down the toilet.


     What do you do with a willful three-year-old who knows what to do, but refuses?  (Besides flush HIM down the toilet…)


9 Responses to “Potty Power Struggle”

  1. kspin Says:

    Yikes! I have NO ideas for you unfortunately. P seems to be handling it all very well so far. I’m just hoping it lasts after the baby comes…

  2. Tami Says:

    We potty trained Brianna last september and things went great. when we moved here in november she quit using the potty. By mid December she still wasn’t using the potty. Then after the ward Christmas party I got an idea that worked for us.

    The primary did the points thing and then they got a reward at the party. Brianna loved that and all night she talked about earning more points to get another reward.

    So, that night I made a potty points chart for her. Each chart got bigger as she filled them. The first chart of about ten points took about two weeks to earn them all. We did her reward a trip to Burger King with a playplace, but you know your son and can pick what would work for him. By mid Janaury she was done with points and going on her own.

    We still get about one accident a week. Sorry this is long.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. High hopes Says:

    I have no suggestions for you. I think sometimes they will do it when they want and not before. Perseverance and you having a stronger will than Anthony is going to win out in the end. (I suspect though, his will is probably going to be stronger than yours – it is that way in my house) Good Luck!

  4. SewDucky Says:

    Man that’s rough. As a single mom with a boy…I asked my brother to do it. I had no part in it, other then “hey you got to go potty, dude?”

  5. Meredith McIlrath Says:

    Clever! (The making him go around naked) And slightly hilarious! I don’t even have kids and potty training scares me. When my sister was potty training her little boy he was the SAME way. Knew what he needed to do, just was too stubborn to do it. I once asked him how using the potty was and he said “let’s not talk about that now, please.” I then asked when he woud start using the big boy potty, and he said “Maybe next Thursday.” hmm.

  6. SewDucky Says:

    ROFL Meredith. My kid wanted to use it and wanted to be a big boy. That’s got to be one of the few things that as a single mom I’m grateful for: he was and IS my little man and has been raised with the old fashioned manners (ordering the food/beverages, opening doors, holding chairs) and I started as soon as he was walking on them. When he couldn’t do it I “helped” and my brother DID train him, but more because he was ready. I was also lucky he was a preemie and didn’t have anything but a lack of gracefulness to show for it, and was potty trained by 16 months and it took 2 weeks. Combo of not liking to be wet (and he didn’t stay in wet diapers), my 4 year old sister doing it, and me saying he was too little and I got showed. i also only have one child, don’t plan on remarrying in this lifetime and therefore will not have more kids. (The divorce was hard on him, even tho the split happened long before he was born). When it happened, I was out of state doing a management course for the restaurant I worked for, and it was really a reminder that he had to go once in a while.

    I did ask my mom, and told her your solution and she laughed and said I was the stubborn one and loved books, so she would make me sit on it regularly with one in hand. I also hated being wet (cloth diapers) and was just as glad to do it…on my own time, not hers. But then she said I was the only kid that would fight her on it and hold it all day…so we’re BOTH no use.

  7. kweenmama Says:

    Lol! All I can say is that I am so glad those days are over! I don’t have any suggestions for you. None of my kids were that stubborn. Good luck!

  8. High hopes Says:

    Hey how goes the potty battle? Is he still winning???

  9. Wendy Says:

    Have you watched the “potty power ” movie. It’s major CHEESE, but has some catchy tunes my kids love. The older ones still get excited to watch it with Emma 2.5 as I start the process of getting her interested. I hate potty training. I guess the onlu solace is…eventually they do figure it out. I never met a college student who hadn’t, and no one asks you when your twenty when you finally figured it out. It’s just survival for mom until then. GOOD LUCK!!! (My boys were both 3+)

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