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Country Time, I Love You! April 17, 2009

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    We had strawberry lemonade with our meatball-sub dinner last night.


     It tasted like summer.


    Warmth!  Sunshine!  Outside!



4 Responses to “Country Time, I Love You!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    THAT IS SOOOOOO how we are going to be tonight.

    LOVIN’ this sunshine.

    Lovin’ this weather.

    Sigh…spring, bring it on!

  2. cowgalutah Says:

    I have a little something for you at my place!

  3. Kristi Says:

    Sure wish it would last longer than a day or two.

  4. High Hopes Says:

    We had that kind of dinner last night, potato salad, bbq’d burgers on cheesy buns. YUM, it felt so summery last yesterday, today it is going to be bbq’d chicken drumsticks and a veg plate or soup, depending how the daughter feels, she is getting her grade 6 immunizations. Yuck.

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