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Have YOU checked YOURS? April 24, 2009

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     No time to post today, although I’m dying to. 


     I’m in deep doo-doo, and I’m trying to get out of it.


     Until tomorrow (or Sunday, or next week, or whenever I feel clean again), I’ll give you a little inside scoop into what I’ve been dealing with.


     Enjoy.  (And send lots and lots of antibacterial soap.)




8 Responses to “Have YOU checked YOURS?”

  1. lifeofdi Says:

    That just cracked me up. If I had your address I would so send soap.

  2. Marci Says:

    I have a mental image in my head and I hope your situation isn’t as bad as I’m envisioning it…
    Have a good weekend? 🙂

  3. SewDucky Says:

    ROFL. I got some pretty coconut smelling stuff I’ll gladly send

  4. Gracie Says:

    Dear Kemi,

    ***Kemi’s note***

    This is the first comment I’ve ever felt the need to censor on my blog. My apologies to those who read it before I caught it.

    It was sexual in nature, and so lengthy and graphic, I felt it best to delete it in its entirety.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Although I do find that funny – I find it very interesting that you are tolerant of this clip and the swearing and then go post Holier than thou – you are offended blurbs on Simply Sweet Marriage Blog site, when it is designed for people so they can avoid pornography to bring their marriage closer together. It almost seems a bit Hypocritical MUCH!

    Some people are out there attempting to be a good influence – and this video – even though entertaining shows that your standards are not ones that you choose to have by following your religious views, but are hand picked. You tear a great company down to satisfy your need to be viewed as a spiritual giant… but then turn around and allow this. Double standards is all I can think.

    • Kemi Says:


      Contrary to what has been published on Simply Sweet, I did not seek them out on their blog, as you (and they) have done on mine. They copied my comment from another website, which was not directed to them, and then came to mine and posted intimate details about some of their clients’ sex lives and the services they provided for them.

      I was COMPLETELY uninterested in the stories they shared, and I find it abhorrent that a company such as theirs so freely spills the secrets of their clients all over the internet.

      Gracie chose to take offense at a comment. She is the one who took it out of context, who put it up on her forum, who came to my forum to seek me out, and STILL WILL NOT LET IT DIE. Methinks the lady doth protest too much about the true motives of her site.

      As for the swearing you referenced, I invite you to read through a year’s worth of postings for any other instance of swearing on my blog. You won’t find it. Then, I invite you to have your basement completely flooded by raw sewage, have carpet and linoleum ripped out of your home at 3:00 AM, lose furniture, clothes, toys, books, teaching materials, business supplies and food storage, and have a crew come back five days later to tell you the bottom half of the drywall in five rooms will have to be cut out and replaced.

      I invite you to find any little bit of humor in THAT, Cindy.

  6. Cindy Says:

    I actually came here to see the type of blog you had and see your character. I read your thoughts that were posted on the blog over there. I try to judge for myself whether the comments were warrented or not.

    I have had my basement flooded and do not wish it on anyone. And personally – a little S, D or H swearwords here and there do not bother me. But regardless of my thoughts I know that church standards do not condone the language posted in the clip that you shared, regardless of the humor or relation to your personal life. There are 2 sides to every story – and I completely understand that. It is just that I find too many people judge without “knowing” the full story.

    I think that the comments made about their place were out of place even if they were not posted on her site and she copied and pasted it there. I also think that there are still double standards evident.

    In the end, I am sure you are a great person – and I know the girls that run that place are great people with very good intentions. None of the things you had said about them are true – but you are entitled to your opinion.

    I wish you the best in your life and hope that your sewage issues clear up soon. That is never fun to deal with. (I know from very personal experience. Hang in there!)

    • lifeofdi Says:

      Oh the drama. Go Kemi. It’s your site. Do what you will with it. Jay Golden Kimball clearly was ok with letting the occasional, or not so occasional, swear out.

      And by the by. I didn’t think your explanation was in any way holier than though. I thought it was a nice explanation of why you deleted a comment (since I personally think it’s weird when people delete comments willy nilly, and even though you don’t do that, it’s nice to know why you did.)

      (Also can you tell you got me hooked on Loralee and I have now started doing the largest parenthetical asides ever?! Gaaaaah!)

      (I’m also not trying to be mean to you Cindy. But srsly. It’s Kemi’s blog. She can do or say whatever she wants, with or without explanation or justification.)

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