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Can you spell t-a-l-e-n-t? June 2, 2009

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     I am waiting for R.C. Willey to deliver our new couch (thanks, Mom!) for downstairs, and I’m not being very patient about it.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they told us 3:30-7:00 PM, and then they called at 5:30 and said it would be between 6:00 and 9:30 PM, and it’s 7:36 PM and I’m waiting for the call that says “sometime within the next 30 days, maybe”, or possibly it’s because my kids keep asking, “When will it get here, Mom?” and “Does this still mean we get to watch a movie on it tonight for Family Home Evening, even if it comes at 9:00 and there’s school tomorrow?”  (Uh, no.  Nice try.  Even during the summer, the answer would be an emphatic NO.)


     So, to condense, I am waiting for a new couch with impatient kids who are giddy about the end of the school year and having a real seating place that will hold all of us comfortably instead of two old (reeeeeeealy old) armchairs, a bar stool and an ottoman.


     To kill time, I thought I’d post about two really exciting things that happened last week: 


Exciting Thing #1

     Kendra sang Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story” in her class talent show.  She had planned to sing it with another girl in her class, but just a few days before the show, the girl decided she didn’t want to sing with a minus track and left Kendra on her own.  I helped her learn the other half of the song, and she practiced over and over again.  (I can sing the dumb song, too.  In fact, it never leaves my head.  Gaaah!)  I wasn’t able to see her perform because I had to be here for the contractors and the carpet guys, but Kenny and Hannah went over to the school to see her, and they said she did an amazing job.  I was proud of her for doing her best and preparing so hard, and I was anxious about whether or not she’d be picked as her class representative for the school-wide show.


     Kenny was gone for almost two hours, and I couldn’t figure out why he was spending such a long time at the school.  When he finally walked through the door, he had a trophy in his hand and a huge smile on his face, which brings me to


Exciting Thing #2

     Alex participated in the school-wide Spelling Bee and won second place overall, and first place for fourth grade!  This is remarkable for several reasons:  First of all, while he’s incredibly intelligent, he is also very reserved, and I didn’t know how he’d do in front of such a large crowd.  Second, when he brought home the list of spelling words to study, he showed them to me once and that was the extent of his studying.  (I know, because they’re still sitting here next to the computer, where I put them.)   Finally, we both thought the spelling bee would take place on June 1, not May 26, and he isn’t normally spontaneous enough to jump into something without careful thought and preparation.


     He surprised everyone.  Parents, teachers, students, participants…  


     Yeah.  That’s my kid.  He rocks. 


Spelling Bee trophy


     I was so glad that Kenny was able to be there and cheer him on.  I am amazed at Alex’s ability to see something once and commit it to memory, and I’m so proud of him for being brave enough to go up against fifth and sixth graders, many of whom are twice his size.  The only downside?  His recurring joke that he’s smarter than a sixth-grader (who placed third), but not a fifth-grader (who won).  It was funny the first ten times.  After 100?  Not so funny.  Also, Kenny thinks Alex should push for the national spelling bee, so he can win $300,000.  Hopefully my forceful silence on the matter will speak volumes.  Read between the lines, won’t you please?


     Later that night, as the kids were getting ready for bed, Kendra’s teacher called to say how proud she was of both Alex and Kendra.  (She was Alex’s teacher last year, and she is amazing.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.)  She told me how surprised she was at Kendra’s voice, and how clearly she sang the notes.  She gave me a hard time about missing the performance, but told me that no matter what happened, she would make sure that Kendra had a spot as a finalist in the school talent show, because she was just that good.  (The other teachers got to pick the winner from her class, so there were no hard feelings.)  Then she told me how happy she was to see Alex get so far in the spelling bee, and how lucky she was to have been his teacher– Kendra’s, too– and how much she loved our family.  Needless to say, they were elated that a teacher had called them at home, and it was a nice way to end a really eventful day.


     I didn’t tell Kendra what Mrs. McCann said about being a finalist (I believe she phrased it something like, “Come hell or high water, she’s in!”), just in case something changed, but sure enough, after the other third grade classes performed, she came home with a huge smile on her face and told me she was going through to the finals.  I get to see her perform on Friday, in front of the entire school.  I know she’ll be awesome.  I told her I’d even make her a twirly skirt to wear, which, in her eyes, more than makes up for me missing her original performance.


     So, t’s 9:12 PM now, and four very anxious kids are in bed with the promise that I’ll wake them up when the couch comes.  Do you think I can sew a twirly skirt in its entirety before the delivery guys come with my couch? 


     (The answer had BETTER be no…)




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  1. kweenmama Says:

    Welcome Back! And congrats to both of your kids for doing well! And congrats on your new basement! And did I say Welcome Back?!?

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