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Fourteen June 10, 2009

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     You may think it’s the age of my emotional maturity, or the number of times I start a sentence- and a paragraph!- with the word “and” in my posts.  (I DO know better.  However, in my opinion, technical writing and blog writing don’t really belong in the same space, unless you’re writing a technical blog.)  Perhaps you’re counting my parenthetical asides, but you’d be mistaken.


     Today is my fourteenth wedding anniversary.  (HOLY COW!)


     Fourteen years ago I met the love of my life in front of the Jordan River Temple, where we were sealed for time and all eternity.  Fourteen years has seen five pregnancies, four children, three moves, two cities and one heck of a lot of memories.  I wish I had pictures to post of us from fourteen years ago, when I was thin(ner) and Kenny had (more) hair.  We looked like babies, and it makes my kids giggle with delight to look through the wedding album.  (I give it about four years before they’re giggling less at how young we look and more at the style of my wedding dress, which, for the record, was AWESOME.)




     Fourteen years ago we left our reception and headed to Park City, where we stayed overnight in Kenny’s brother’s boss’ condo on our way to Jackson Hole/Yellowstone, which was also AWESOME as a honeymoon destination.  (What wasn’t awesome?  Coming home from the temple ceremony to find I had started the world’s heaviest period.)  In spite of that (or because of it?) we saw live shows, explored national parks, went horseback riding, watched movies and ate pizza in our hotel room, toured museums, shopped ourselves broke and reveled in the novelty of being our own family, with no one to report to, and felt only slightly guilty about all the fun we were having.


     (I thought about putting a comment in here about what we weren’t having, but I changed my mind.  *blush*  Too much information, you know?  And after all, it’s a family blog.)


     So, we had planned to celebrate our anniversary this Saturday by begging someone to tend our little heathens kids, going out to dinner and seeing Star Trek  (*drool*).  That’s still the plan, but Kenny decided that tonight deserved some celebrating, too.  He’s getting off work an hour early, picking up take-out, and then we’ll watch a movie or SYTYCD, and one of us (me) will probably (definitely) fall asleep.


     Which is similar to how we spent our wedding night.  One of us (nervously) went to change into a pretty nightgown, and came out of the bathroom to find the other one passed out on the bed, fully dressed and completely unarousable.  (I totally made that word up, but it’s perfect.) 


     I’m so happy to have continued our anniversary tradition these fourteen years!  (I’m just considerate that way.  And not at all bitter.  Payback’s a… well, you know.)


     All kidding aside, though, Happy Anniversary, Kenny!  I’m so glad you asked!  I’m so glad I said yes!


6 Responses to “Fourteen”

  1. Zen Says:

    I laughed at the “payback” bit. Well, actually I was laughing at most of it. And you know I love those (asides).

  2. Marci Says:

    “Unarousable” made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Happy Anniversary my dear.

  3. kspin Says:

    Soooo funny! At least he didn’t laugh at your night attire, because that’s exactly what my husband did on our wedding night! 😉 I still give him a hard time about that…

  4. Kristi Says:

    So, you can’t say the word “sex” in your blog, but you have no problem saying things like “world’s heaviest period” or “unarousable” or “pretty nightgown.” Come on…. family blog??? Let’s be serious! This is PG-13, nearing that line of R!!!!!

    Happy Anniversary Kids! oh, and I love laughing at those old wedding pictures too! The pictures of me are humiliating, but yours???? Okay, I love you two, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make fun either!!!

    • Kemi Says:

      Oh please… you looked FABULOUS. Braces, stringy perm, giant bangs, pleated skirt taped firmly into place lest you unleash the wrath of Mom…

      I should have Kevin scan the picture where the photographer asked you to kiss Kenny on the cheek. There is enough space between you to drive a Hummer through. *snort*

  5. Happy Anniversary, Kemi!!! I remember that I was menstruating the week I got married too. It was so hot and humid and I was crampy and miserable. I always look forward to what you put in parenthetical asides when you write your blog posts. You make me laugh!

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