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I’ve gone geek. June 13, 2009

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     We just got back from our anniversary dinner date (Goodwood BBQ and Star Trek).


     Yum and yuh-huh-huh-huh-mmm.


     Never having been much of a fan of ANY of the Star Trek realms (except for Generations…  for some reason, I LOVED that movie!), I have to admit that my interest was peaked way back in January when I saw him in a Star Trek commercial:

(Oh, Sylar, you bad, bad man.)(Also, the casting director was PURE GENIUS.)


     Then I saw the trailer in April, and I told Kenny that I actually might consider seeing it.  Maybe even for our anniversary.


     I have seen a lot of really unpleasant movies in the name of our anniversary.  (Gladiator, anyone?)  Thank you, J.J. Abrams, for giving me a movie I could enjoy, even if my reasons were completely different from my husband’s.


(You’re welcome.)



     I have jumped into the cult of Trek with both feet. 


     Live long and prosper.       l\/l


7 Responses to “I’ve gone geek.”

  1. Wendy Says:

    You crack me up! I am NOT a Trecky. But after seeing the picture I may have to see the movie too! I do think I’ll wait for Redbox though.

  2. SewDucky Says:

    ROFL, I AM a trekkie, of the classic variety and I got to give you the new Spock. He was hot. But not as hot as Shatner back in the day. And Bones on TOS stole my heart at 4.

    And yep, I apparently admitted this in public.

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    I had never seen a Trek before that movie and hoooooly cow. I loved it!

  4. Mindy Says:

    Amen Sister!!
    Glad you appreciated it as much as I did.

  5. I hear you sister….though…I’m kind of a Kirk fan after this show… 🙂

  6. High Hopes Says:

    I think I may have to go and see this movie. I haven’t been to a movie in over two years I think.

    Beam me up Mr. Scott

  7. Lesley Says:

    I loved the star trek series so this movie I thought was awesome!!! But i actually like gladiator too. I know it;s grusome but it’s historical and they did an fantastic job portraying that time period. Those are the only movies i’m willing to see for the sake of history. But star trek was way good can’t wait to buy it!!!

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