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And the heavens opened, and we were sore afraid. (Mostly irreverent.) June 14, 2009

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     We were sitting in Sacrament Meeting this afternoon when the clouds rolled in and it started to pour.  Anthony was sleepily cradled in my arms, and at the quietest part of the meeting, we saw a flash of light through the windows and heard a loud clap of thunder.


     Because we’re idiots  Because it’s a habit we started ten years ago, we sit on the very front row in the chapel.  Imagine the delight of the rest of the ward sitting behind us when Alex and Kendra heard the thunder, giggled gleefully and Alex jumped to his feet and pumped his fist in victory.  Hannah shrieked in mock terror, and Anthony opened his eyes wide for a minute, before smiling a drowsy grin and saying, “Awesome.”  Loudly.


     That was pretty much how my kids spent the remainder of the meeting– listening for thunder, watching for lightning (or “strips of bacon”) (yeah, don’t ask), giving the occasional high-five when the rumbling was particularly noisy, and giggling –loudly– about how cool it was. 


     It was cool, even I have to admit.  (I don’t remember ever being in church during a thunderstorm, so it was a new experience for all of us.)


     It was also embarrassing. 


     My kids are heathens.  😀




6 Responses to “And the heavens opened, and we were sore afraid. (Mostly irreverent.)”


  2. kspin Says:

    Your kids crack me up! I’m sure that made the meeting a little more exciting!

  3. kweenmama Says:

    We were in church at the same time as the loud thunder clap too. Our speaker didn’t miss a beat though.

    Happy belated anniversary, I’m sorry for Kristi’s latest trial, and I also loved the new Star Trek movie. Whew! I’m caught up!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I can think of a lot of worse things they could have said or done. It sounds like you have a fun family culture when it rains 🙂 We’ve had some awesome thunderstorms here in Texas, but I’m also nervous that it will lead to a tornado so it’s less enjoyable.

  5. You and your kids crack me up. But honestly, the shrieking in delight sounds like something I would do.

  6. Kristin Says:

    We love sitting behind your family during church it is great entertainment when the speakers are boring–like on high counsel Sunday.

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