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Fifth Grade Redux August 26, 2009

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     Here are two of the four little darlings on their first day of school today.


Alex and Kendra 1st day of school


     Alex started fifth grade, and Kendra is in fourth.


     Now, for anyone who doesn’t know (I’m sure there are many of you), I used to teach 5th grade.  I LOVED it.  I loved everything about my students, and if I ever went back to teaching, fifth is the grade I’d choose first.  HOWEVER, despite my affection for them, those were some obnoxious kids.  Loud;  silly;  full of potty humor, sound effects and bodily noises.  The year I had Alex was the last year I taught school, and I couldn’t imagine my precious little baby boy ever reaching that 5th-grade age.  (Or the mentality.)  They seemed so old.  So (im)mature.  So far ahead of my little bundle of joy.


     Fast-forward ten years.  Yup, he’s TOTALLY a 5th grader.  (How did that happen?  How did I LET that happen?)


     Having two upper-grade [elementary school] children isn’t even the worst part.  What I want to know is, when did I get old?  How is it possible for me to be the mother of two upper-grade [elementary school] children?




     I’m happy to report that the first day was a smashing success.  Kendra is thrilled with her teacher, Mrs. Nance, even though she didn’t get the teacher Alex had last year.  Alex is elated that he gets to have one of the two male teachers in the school, Mr. Rolley, who is a mad computer genius and seems to have embraced his inner 10-year-old boy with unbridled joy and ferocity.


     It’s going to be a great year, despite the fact that my kids are getting too old, too fast.  (To say nothing of myself.)


A & K school


7 Responses to “Fifth Grade Redux”

  1. kweenmama Says:

    Try having one that has graduated from high school…Now THAT’S old!

    Glad to hear they like their teachers, that’s half the battle.

  2. Marci Says:

    Wow, you ARE old. I only have a fourth grader, so I’m still just a kid 🙂 Your kids look so cute, all ready for school. Alex’s teacher sounds a lot like the one Dakota has this year. It’s gonna be a good year, I can tell 🙂

  3. kspin Says:

    You’re kids are adorable and they almost look like twins…wow! they also look like the kids on the Campbell soup labels. They even have the dimples! 🙂

  4. Rachel Says:

    HOORAY FOR SCHOOL STARTING! Don’t worry, you’re not really getting old…you’re staying young and hip and the years are just passing. That’s all. 🙂

    Hoping this year rocks!

  5. Sharene Says:

    Man your kids look so adorable in their cute school clothes! I remember very well being in 4th and 5th grade. I’m sure it is a shocker when your kids are in that grade. DId you get a new calling yet? You should be the primary chorister (spelling?). That would be a great calling for you. I can’t seem to get away from it (except for the year I was the YW president). Good luck!

  6. Oh – they are growing up so fast. It is neat that you used to be a 5th grade teacher… all I’ve gotta say is MAN YOU ARE BRAVE. There’s something about 5th graders… they are so little but SO SURLY. What is up with that?

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