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Four eyes never looked so adorable! August 28, 2009

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     I took Hannah to the school this morning to meet with her teacher for a Kindergarten readiness screening.  It took her nearly 20 minutes to decide on an outfit, and her hair had to be *just so* and of course, we couldn’t forget the backpack.  (It’s as big as she is.)


Hannah K Screen



     (I’d also like to note, for the record, that if I have to listen to daily commentary about the pros and cons of making an outfit out of every single article of clothing she owns– and there’s a lot!– my darling daughter will be going to school in her pajamas. 


So, what do you think Mom?  I have the blue daisy dress with white flowers with yellow dots in the middle, or there’s my green flower dress that looks just like the blue one except it’s green and instead of yellow middles it has pink ones, but I really like the blue one, but maybe the green flower one would be better, or maybe I should wear the hoodie that Grandma bought me with my new capris but then I wouldn’t be wearing a dress, and what if Mrs. Hoffmann doesn’t think I look cute?  But I think she’ll think I look cute because she loves me and she stayed at the school so she could teach me and so I think she’ll like whatever I wear because I’m cute and she likes me a lot and I think I’ll wear the blue dress, but do you think my new brown shoes with the bows that Grandpa bought me will match okay, and do I need to wear socks with them and do you think white ones will be good and I was going to wear my rainbow dress on the first day of school because it’s my favorite — *SQUEE!!!!* — but I wore it to Back-to-School night and Mrs. Hoffmann already saw it so maybe I’ll wait and wear that one on the second day or maybe the third or fourth or maybe I’ll just wear the orange one that I wore to Kindergarten Orientation, but she’s already seen that one too so today I’m going to wear the blue daisy dress and when I go to Kindergarten next week I don’t know what I’ll wear yet because it’s still so far away, but maybe I’ll wear a dress or pants or capris or- did Grandma get me any shorts?- maybe shorts. 


     And then my head exploded, and I might have said something about taking her to school in her underwear if she didn’t just putsomethingonalready.)



Hannah K Screening            


     She passed off her letters, numbers, shapes and colors, and had a great time touring the Kindergarten rooms and the bathroom.   Mom!  The sinks are SOOOOO tiny!  They’re just my size!  And the boy’s bathroom is green.  My teacher told me so I didn’t have to look inside it with boys in there.    (I lost it with that comment.  I laughed so hard I cried.) 


     This afternoon we picked up her first pair of glasses, in plenty of time for her to get used to them before Kindergarten starts next Thursday.  Thankfully, the frames are pewter (and Princess!), so we won’t (SHOULDN’T) have any wardrobe-coordination issues.  I think she looks adorable!  A little geekish, but in such a cute way!  Glasses today sure are a lot different than they were when I was a kid!


Hannah glasses


     Also, is it bad that I’m jealous of how she looks so much better in glasses than I do?


9 Responses to “Four eyes never looked so adorable!”

  1. lifeofdi Says:

    I thought horrible glasses were a childhood rite. I know I used to have huge ones with pink and red splotchy frames.

    I also hated glasses shopping as a I child, because I had to take other peoples’ opinions on what looked good because I COULDN’T SEE!!! That is the major flaw. If you actually need glasses then you can’t see what the frames look like on you.

    I really liked my glasses shopping experience post-contacts better.

  2. lifeofdi Says:

    Oh. And she is freaking adorable. But if she’s that bad already, wait until middle school. You’ll never get her out the door.

  3. Meredith Says:

    Ha! She’s all girl! 🙂 She definitely looks adorable.

  4. SewDucky Says:

    ROFL!! Thank God I have a boy whose idea of “cute” is Hawaiian shirts.

    Her glasses are cute! Really close to ones I have now (‘cept mine are gold). Nice thing about wearing them this young, by the time she’s my age and coughing dust, they’ll seem as much a part of her as anything else and she won’t mind them. (Trust me, minding them is coming.)

  5. Goldie Says:

    ahhh school days. she is such a precious little lamb- and she cracks me up!!!! especially the green bathroom thing 😉

  6. kweenmama Says:

    Her wardwarb commentary is hilarious! Just wait until she is a teenager! Oh my!

  7. high hopes Says:

    Oh My Gosh she looks so cute – who couldn’t love her? Even if she wore a paper bag she would look so darn cute.

    I have a solution for you on wardrobe, find a school that the children wear uniforms. We love it in our house, there is no choice and it makes it easier.

    Almost back to school time for us. My daughter starts next Tuesday.

  8. Wendy Says:

    very cute! And Yes glasses have come a long way!!!

  9. Tami Says:

    My goodness you’ve been busy blogging away. 😉

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