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White Trash Wall Art, Sutton Style November 4, 2009

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     During my two-month absence from the blog, I was (fortunate?  cursed?  humiliated?) to have experienced several situations that put me in a special sort of category.  A People of Walmart category.  A take-your-kids-to-work-with-no-pants sort of thing that morphed from the mortifying into the hilarious, at least for those who happened to view it.  Us.  Whatever.  (Trust me, those stories are coming.  And you will LOVE me for them.  Just not tonight.)


     I try to adopt the “laugh so you don’t cry” mentality, which may be a sure sign of my descent into full-blown white-trashiness (“Hi, my name is Kemi and I have no class.”   “Hi, Kemi.”), but I’ve found that it helps me retain what little sanity I have.  Especially when dealing with my husband  children  family.  Perhaps the ability to embrace the tackiness that makes up my life is somewhat like Prozac, only without the pharmaceuticals. 


     So, my life being what it is, after I got all the kids to school this morning, and Abbie went off with her dad (*insert your own title-related joke here*), I noticed a two-inch spot on the wall in the hallway.  Upon further investigation, I saw that someone had used my wall as an artist’s canvas.  This someone, when interrogated after her Kindergarten dismissal, said that she didn’t have time to grab a sheet of paper, and therefore felt completely justified in using the wall.


     Also?  This is not her first time.  Nor is it the first (or second, or hundredth) conversation we’ve had about what markers and crayons are SUPPOSED to write on.  And yet?  I find mini masterpieces on her limbs, her clothes, her sheets, her books, MY books…


     Who needs wallpaper (or nice paint) when you have an artiste  living under your roof?  Perhaps I should charge for her services and fund my retirement.


Hannah Art 2

Living Room Abstract

2′  x  3′

Hannah, age 2

Dry erase marker on white paint

(faded paint courtesy of magic eraser)

Composed while artist’s mother was nursing artist’s infant brother





Hannah Art 5


Happy Hallway

2″  x  2.5″

Hannah, age 5  (three weeks shy of 6)

Red felt tip on white paint

Composed covertly while artist should have been in bed





     Oh my goodness, we’ve turned into this: 



7 Responses to “White Trash Wall Art, Sutton Style”

  1. Kemi….you make my life complete. You are so awesome! Can your kids come do some wall art for me? :0)

  2. lifeofdi Says:

    I’m so happy you’re (hopefully) back!

    Although super glad I won’t have to deal with non-approved wall art for a while yet.

  3. Marci Says:

    Ahh, lovely! I have one -no two- of those at my house. I especially loved it when my daughter drew on her bed with a pen…the ink came out, but the pen carved it into the wood. Awesome.
    I’ve missed you, my friend!

  4. Tami Says:

    I can relate. My girls coloring on David was the last straw. We’re becoming a chalk only house. Last time Brianna held a crayon was underneath a church pew.

    I suggest not teaching her how to write her own name.

  5. kweenmama Says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

    My son once drew on my MOTHER’S couch. I was mortified. Mom was much more patient about it than I was. Ah, the memories…

  6. Dar Says:

    Oh welcome to my world! When my dd was little she decided to carve with a pen on my lovely wood night table. Why is it you can have beautiful furniture for many years pre-kids, but once they come along all of a sudden it looks like your stuff has gone through a war??

    I think you need to invest in some “Color wonder crayons/paint” by Crayola, you use water with it and it only works on their special paper and not anywhere else ;P

    On the bright side you may want to open a gallery and charge admission.

  7. Cindy Clarke Says:

    I’ve missed your blog and enjoy the laughs you bring. At least your daughter “draws” on things rather than eating them. My 4 year old Katelyn has a bizarre habit of chewing on wood furniture… I have no idea why, but I think that paint is cheaper than furniture so I’d be happy to trade bad habits. 🙂

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