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Papa Smith’s Pizza November 14, 2009

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     Since Kenny was working late tonight, the kids and I decided to be lazy (I am raising those kids RIGHT!) and order a pizza for dinner, instead of going with our planned menu meal.  We have this really great pizza place right up the street from us, and we order from the establishment frequently.  I won’t tell you how often, because you’d be shocked and I’d be embarrassed.  Suffice it to say, our frequency cards keep us in free pizza every month or so…


     (Free pizza!  Mmmm…)


     Oh yeah, I was talking about tonight.  So, I left the three oldest playing Wii, Nintendo and computer, respectively, and took Anthony with me to get our doughy goodness.  I pulled up next to a small black car, and I just happened to glance over at the driver.  Imagine my surprise when I recognized him– it was my dad! 


     Now, we live fairly close to each other, but not so close that we frequent the same pizza restaurants, so it was quite remarkable and extremely unexpected to see him there.  Anthony was screaming, “Grandpa!  Grandpa!” from inside the van so loudly I think my kids at home probably heard him, and my dad smiled a huge grin and hopped out of his car to greet us, leaving his hot pizza to grow cold on the front seat. 


     He followed me into the pizza place and pulled out his wallet to pay for our dinner.  With my coupons (thank you again, frequency card!  or should I say, thank you again, inherent laziness!), our two pizzas and an order of breadsticks came to a whopping $6.50, and Dad still insisted on paying.  It was such a sweet gesture!  I know it made my night, and I have the feeling it made his, too.


     After a hug and a kiss, we parted ways;  me to my hungry kids, and him to his.  I think our chance meeting made the pizzas taste EXTRA good tonight. 


     So, what do you say, Dad?  Same time next week?  Or, pick a night.  Any night.  (Every night?)    😀


6 Responses to “Papa Smith’s Pizza”

  1. kspin Says:

    What a sweet guy! Love, love this! Dads are the greatest, aren’t they?… 🙂

  2. Rachel Says:

    that’s crazy…and super cool…

    How fun to run into him…while getting freeish pizza…

    Ya. Jealous. I know I will never run into my parents out here… 😦

  3. Marci Says:

    So cool! We would’ve seen you there too on, but our timing wasn’t as good – we were there on Friday…
    I love your dad, tell him hi for me!

  4. kweenmama Says:

    Your Dad rocks! 🙂

  5. Dar Says:

    Cool! I wish my daddy lived a little closer! You are so lucky!

    We had pizza on Friday night. I get the dough from the Italian bakery and roll it out and then decorate it with Miss M. It is so much fun and tastes great!

  6. Sharene Says:

    That is so sweet that he insisted on paying and you got to see him unexpectedly! How fun!

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