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Hello, Strange(rs)* March 1, 2010

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     It’s been a long, long time.


     Too long.


     There have been dozens of things I’ve missed writing about because I kept putting them off, or because I told myself I was too busy, or because I was  too busy.  Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, and suddenly I’m reliving my old journal entries all over again.


     Back when I was a better, more committed blogger, I did a few complete months of NaBloPoMo.  (I did several, less complete months as well, but I try to pretend they didn’t happen.)  At the end of every month, I still get the e-mail in my inbox encouraging me to participate in the next month’s challenge, and when I opened my March e-mail, I thought two things:


(Actually, I thought several things, simultaneously.  I won’t bore you with what doesn’t pertain because I like you, and also because I try to keep the crazy under wraps.  You’re welcome.)


1.  I can do this!  What better way to force myself to start blogging again, than to make a month-long commitment?





2.  “Strange” is a fun theme!  I can SO *do* strange.



     So there you have it.  I am committed to post every day this month, in the hopes that it will give me the big kick in the pants that I need to pursue a writing career (surprise!), entertain my fan(s), and keep a sporadic-yet-amusing account of my life.


     I hope you’ll join me.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.




*See what I did there?  I have this theme IN THE BAG.   😀


3 Responses to “Hello, Strange(rs)*”

  1. SewDucky Says:

    Glad to see you back around!

  2. I’m so glad you’ll be back! 🙂 I always get a kick out of reading your blog posts.

  3. kweenmama Says:

    Lookin’ forward to reading your posts this month!

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