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Seussical Suttons and then… not March 3, 2010

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Yesterday was Dr. Seuss day at my kids’ school.  The student council sponsored a costume contest, and because I LOVE dressing up in costumes so much (watch that sarcasm…  it’s dripping again), of course we had to put some together.  *sigh*  Thankfully, Alex and Kendra are old enough to have a clear vision of what they want, and they have had me as a mother long enough to be happy with lowered expectations.  I have to admit, they turned out pretty well.


(Also, I just want to take a minute and say that I don’t know what the Facebook/blog protocol is for posting pictures.  I mean, I put them on Facebook yesterday, but not all of my blog readers are Facebook friends, and vice-versa, so…  yeah.  Some things I double-post, and some I never get in either place because of my indecision.  Thoughts?)


Here is Alex, as Horton.  Minus the elephant nose (the principal won’t allow anything on their faces except, well, their faces, so he was a little bitter about that), but complete with flower and tiny yellow speck.



Kendra was Thing 1, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed ratting out her hair and spraying it with hairspray.  She loved the hair, and thought we should do it like that again soon.  (Not surprisingly, she didn’t enjoy the shampooing required to get it all out.)



Hannah chose to go as Cindy Lou Who (who was not more than two).  I love the stuffed Grinch.  I think it makes the look complete.



And then there’s Anthony…  Anthony, Anthony, Anthony.  He really wanted his picture taken, too, so I asked him to sit on the little bench and wait for me to finish with the big kids.  When I said it was his turn, he yelled, “Wait!” and then slid his bum down the bench a few inches, kicked his feet up next to him, and posed.  Like this.  ON PURPOSE.

Now, while I think he’s adorable and I want to pinch those little cheeks, all I could think of was this:

(I’m sorry.  I should have warned you.)



We finished our day by eating a Seussical dinner– green potatoes and ham.  Kenny thought it was awesome, but my kids found it gross and unappetizing, even though it’s the exact same crock pot potatoes and ham I always make, minus the green dye.  (Just for revenge, I’m thinking of freezing the abundant leftovers and serving it again for St. Patrick’s Day.  Because I’m vindictive thrifty like that.)


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss.  We love your books, no matter how fantastical and strange.   (And there it is.)   😀



5 Responses to “Seussical Suttons and then… not”

  1. HAHA! That picture of Anthonky KILLS me. Where does he come from?! 🙂

    I remember my mom dying our food for St. Patty’s Day and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. So I’m glad at least Kenny liked it!

  2. You’re so creative!

  3. kweenmama Says:

    I completely spaced off Dr. Seuss day, so my son went to school without a costume. He didn’t seem to mind too much. You did a great job on your costumes…maybe our family should your talents whenever we need a costume! 🙂

  4. lifeofdi Says:

    I say keep posting relevant pics, because I’m not on your facebook. (Why is that?)

    And your kids are total cuties.

    Also I remember Dr. Suess day as a kid which almost got canceled because we were being too loud in the lunchroom. Then we had green eggs and ham. But I don’t like just plain eggs and was forced to eat them anyway. Le sigh.

  5. […] of Jason Alexander on my Facebook page, to show how similar it was to Anthony’s pose from yesterday.  There was some unintended fallout that made for one of  the funniest threads I’ve ever […]

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