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The Eyes have (had) it March 5, 2010

Filed under: Kemi,motherhood — Kemi @ 11:19 pm

     I have worn reading glasses for about a decade now (just typing that word “decade” made me want to break out the granny chain for them), if by “worn” you mean remembered them only when my eyes were really tired or I found myself developing more headaches than normal. This week I’ve been having some problems with my eyes, so after a mental recounting of all the times I’ve worn them in the past month (exactly two) and a panicky search through half a dozen bags to narrow it down, I finally found them and put them on. Surprisingly, the blurry spots cleared just a little, and I feel much better for wearing them.


     However, there are a few things that are driving me crazy. First of all, if I go to wash anything in the kitchen sink, the steamy water hits the stainless steel and my glasses fog up instantly. The same thing happens when I stick my head in the freezer (in my defense, I was looking for some food that had gotten pushed to the very back… it’s not like I go around sticking my head in freezers just for kicks), or when I take a pan out of the oven. My kids can’t hug me without pressing up against them, so they are constantly a mess of smears and cheekprints and heaven only knows what else. And the spots behind my ears are crying out in pain. It’s worse than sleeping a skinny headband, and waking up to find that it’s grafted itself to your scalp.


     I know I didn’t have these problems when I used them strictly for reading, and it’s almost enough for me to give up and take them off, but then when I do, I notice that my eyes don’t rebound so fast from long-distance to short-distance viewing, and objects aren’t quite so clear. (Actually, if I’m being honest, things aren’t at all clear now anyway, seeing as I tucked my kids into bed and they insisted on pressing their faces against mine when we hugged goodnight. It’s like I’m viewing the screen through some wispy clouds.)


     Getting older sucks. Going from occasional to permanent glasses sucks too. Having to clean my glasses every hour or so so I can actually see through them makes me feel stabby. (That is my new favorite expression. It’s so… real.) 😀


     What doesn’t suck? When Kenny tells me they make me look hot. (Thank you, Honey, you little-white-liar!)



4 Responses to “The Eyes have (had) it”

  1. Rachel Says:

    have you tried contacts??? That might help with the steamy issues you are having. LOL.

  2. Tami Says:

    Yep, I whole heartedly agree. It sucks. I’m 2-3 months out and I still fog up my glasses all the time. Mainly in the dishwasher, lots of things flip and I don’t like touching them when they’re cold. And Mikayla used to think it was the funniest thing in the world to poke my lenses. I’ve tried contacts, but lets just say Ben couldn’t handle me in contacts.

    I does get better though. Eventually dirty lenses don’t bother you so much.

  3. SewDucky Says:

    I’ve worn glasses for so long I do things without thinking anymore.

    Yes, ovens make them fog. Open it for 15 seconds before you bend over. Same with the freezer. It does help. Give steam and everything at least 15 seconds.

    Hugs…well I move my head up and my sun hugs me UNDER my chin. We will not discuss how this one happened, but in a recent romantic interlude, I took them off, held them in my hand and kissed the guy. I eventually move them to a surface top. Kids that want to press together, take them off. You know they’re going to do it (much like I know men who kiss me do it with their nose), so slipping them off for a second is an easy solution.

    Don’t push glasses from the nose. Move them from the side, making sure the earpiece is also moving, so the sore spots are not constantly sat on. It does help with the pain. If it doesn’t, go to the store you got them from and get them readjusted.

    Few things to make it easier, I hope.

  4. Dar Says:

    I passed from the realm of occasional glass wearer to fulltime wearer of progressive lenses in November last year. OMG it took me three months to get used to them. I couldn’t find the ‘sweet spot’ in the lense and looked like one of those carnival dippy birds constantly moving my head up and down trying to see. It wasn’t fun driving and was making me crazy, because I needed them for driving and if I moved my eyes too fast I would get dizzy. I had sore spots on the bridge of my nose, behind my ears and generally didn’t like wearing my cute little glasses. I had them adjusted three times both at the nose and ear. I persevered with them and can comfortably see out of them.

    I can never figure out where all the lense smutz comes from, because it is not like I am working outside in dust. I’m sitting in a nice clean office.

    I now worry about anyone bumping the glasses and scratching the lense, particularly when getting an unexpected hug. The lenses were $700 – yikes.

    Don’t worry about the getting old things, glasses are the least of your worries. Wait until the sag fairy comes to visit then you will know you are definitely getting older.

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