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I’m so far behind, I think I’m first October 1, 2010

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So…  yeah.  This is the (not really) new story of my life.  As much as I try to keep on top of things, there are some things that get neglected, and this blog was one of them.  One day I hope to finally accomplish everything I want to, but I’m afraid that being dead will sort of prevent me from doing it.


In my defense, however, it seems a little unfair that the months race by so quickly.  I mean, didn’t we just do the end of school?  Where did the summer go?  And if you tell me the kids have already been back in school for an entire month, I might have to hurt you.  (Don’t even get me started on how many days are left until Christmas.  I refuse to do the math.  And the shopping.)


I knew it was bad when I was scrolling through a friend’s blogroll, and I couldn’t find my name.  At first I thought she’d deleted me (how rude! and yet, completely justifiable!), but then I found myself.  I’d just been moved to the bottom of the screen, to the “Infrequent Updaters” category.


Ouch.  (And again, completely justifiable.  Because the kiwi post was– dare I look?– about six weeks ago.  We’ve thrown out TONS of fuzzy fruit since then.)


So here is one giant (not really) post about what I’ve been meaning to blog about.


We lost our kitty this summer.  Lost as in, had her put to sleep.  It was one of the hardest, saddest, most painful things I’ve ever had to do, and I’ve held down a lot of babies for shots and IVs.  (Not even close.  If we have to euthanize another animal, I’m making Kenny do it.  It was awful.  I cried for an entire week.)  When we took her in, the vet took one look at her and said, “Wow, she’s so sick!”  We knew she was thin, and hadn’t been able to keep weight on for about six months, but I didn’t realize how gray she was until he looked at her ears.  She’d stopped grooming herself, and her tail lost its reflex, so I was constantly stepping on it because she couldn’t get it out of the way.  The vet figured her kidneys had failed, and it was only a matter of time before she would have died anyway, which was somewhat comforting.


I held her head when the vet shaved her leg and administered the drug, and in one last display of Feisty Kitty!, she bit my hand.  The vet was horrified, and wanted me to have her decapitated and sent to the state lab for rabies testing.  (Not what you tell a woman who’s dripping tears all over your exam room, whose signature looks less like a name and more like a preschooler’s mountains, due to the racking sobs.)  Instead, we put her in the carrier, brought her home, and buried her in the backyard.  The kids even made her a little headstone.  And I cried.  Did I mention the crying?  I had a hard time sleeping, because all I could see was dying Midnight, splayed out on the exam table, or healthy Midnight, tail tucked around her legs, perched on the headboard, or Feisty Kitty!, hiding out in her cat tree, attacking the kids (and scaring them to death!) as they walked past.  She was my first baby, when we couldn’t have a baby, and I miss her.


This was taken the night before we put her to sleep.  We spent the evening loving on her, and telling our favorite stories about her.  You can see how happy the kids are.  Bad day all around.



Moving on to happier things…  *sniff*


Hannah started Kindergarten…  last year.  (I never did get around to posting her picture.  Bad, bad Kemi.)  Since the school district split, she is (was) part of the first class that will graduate from Canyons, having done all of K-12 in the new district.  She brought home a stretchy rubber bracelet that said “Class of 2022” and I nearly had a heart attack.  Because, first of all, it sounds like a science fiction movie, and second?  Won’t we all be dead then?  Because it seems like a long, long, LOOOOOOONG way away.  Don’t try to tell me it’s eleven years, because I refuse to believe it.  (It’s been a whole year, and I’m STILL shaking my head about it.)



Alex and Kendra started school on August 23.  Alex is in 6th grade, and Kendra is in 5th.  Impossible.


Hannah started 1st grade on August 24.  I really miss her while she’s at school, although I don’t miss the extra trip that Kindergarten required.


Hannah lost her first tooth on August 28.  The dumb thing was so wiggly, it could turn almost 360 ° (gross, I know) and you could lay it down flat, but she refused to let me pull it out.  That was how we (I) eventually got it out– I pushed it backwards into her mouth, and it just sort of slipped out of the socket.  (I really hope you’re not eating while reading this.  I’m sorry if you are.)  After a month, there is just the slightest hint of permanent tooth showing through the hole, and she comes to me every morning and asks me if I can still see it growing in.  Funny girl!


Then, as if we hadn’t had enough tooth trauma already, on September 7 Kendra finally had her braces put on.  She had been wearing one of those palate-expander-things since May, and she was so happy to say goodbye to it!  Notice how happy she is with her green and purple bands…  that elation lasted all of about an hour, before she was calling me from school, crying about how badly her teeth hurt.  (Yes, darling.  Been there, done that.  It’s terrible.  That’s why we all smiled knowingly when you gushed on and on about how much you wanted to have braces.)  Her orthodontist is fantastic, and we love him.  She’s hoping to win the iPod Nano he gives away each month.  I think that would go a long way to help with the pain that will come with each adjustment.  😀




Whew!  Now I have much less guilt.  Maybe after a month of regular postings, I’ll work my way out of the “Infrequent Updaters” category.  😉


11 Responses to “I’m so far behind, I think I’m first”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Yay for a post from Kemi! 🙂

    I’m so sorry about your cat! It is always hard to lose a pet. Last year Jason and I got a fish… it died after about a month and I cried. OVER A FISH (not that a fish I had for a month compares at all to a cat that you’ve had for years)!
    Oh, poor Kendra and her braces. I remember thinking It would be so cool to have them, then realizing QUICKLY that the trips to the ortho weren’t all that cool (although I did get my crazy crooked teeth fixed, so THAT part is cool).

  2. Sorry about your poor cat! I can completely relate.

  3. Marci Says:

    Sorry about your poor cat. I held our dog Milo when he was put down. Joe rented Marley and Me about a week later to “help me feel better”, boy did that backfire.
    I know what you mean about time flying by, I feel like I’m barely in survival mode. If it helps, your kids are absolutly darling!! Good to see you back 🙂

  4. Jeri Says:

    Poor kitty. Poor you. : ( I feel your pain. BTDT. Had a favorite black kitty, too, cleverly named “Kitty”. Heartbreaking, to say the least. Your kids have grown so much and are totally adorable. Hope to hear back from you when you get a minute to breathe!! Recommended you to a group of friends, and you have four new fans. Not sure when David Letterman will be calling, you, though. After the Universe post, though, he should!! :::hugs::: At the very least, he should invite Kenny and George Costanza on the same night. Now, that would fun. Really fun. It would make you, and probably the kids, too, smile. 🙂

  5. SewDucky Says:

    Sorry to hear your summer wasn’t great. Hugs.

  6. Rachel Says:

    am so sorry about your kitty. What a rough thing…it makes me so sad to think about!!!

    Been thinking about you….hope you know it.

  7. Meredith Says:

    Haha, I just spent about 3 minutes squinting at that giraffe picture! And it DOES look a TAD like Jason in 30 more years!

    And YES! That was me that won!! I about fell off my chair because I never win things like that. Jason already wants me to see if the massage can be split in half between two people… so I may as well see if they’ll split in in three and you can come 😉

  8. kweenmama Says:

    I hate losing pets! Hopefully the sting has lessened some. It looks like your kids are doing well! So cool that your daughter is part of the first k – 12 graduating class of the district! Whoot whoot!

  9. Di Says:

    OK. You are the second person who has blogged about me putting them in the Infrequent Updaters category and now I feel bad…

    Also putting a kitty to sleep is heartbreaking. I’m so glad she had a good home with you all those years.

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