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Of wardrobe woes and whales (and wails!) April 12, 2011

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Reason 2, 416,873 I adore my husband:


I am seven months pregnant, and have been wearing the same tired maternity clothes for the past six months (never again will I sacrifice the style I barely had in a regular wardrobe for the comfort of soft, stretchy elastic-waist pants of the maternity sort until I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO) (my children find it HILARIOUS that my waistbands creep up to my bra line in the front, not unlike like a bloated Ed Grimley)

Isn't this an image you wish you could erase from your memory?

and I am pretty tired of everything I fit into, at this point.  But as I was getting dressed today, my husband, who rarely takes notice of such things, clapped his hands together and said, “That is SUCH a cute outfit!  How come you haven’t worn that before?”


I may or may not have responded by sobbing gratefully in his arms, and covering his face with kisses.  Because a) he noticed!;  and b) he said something!;  and c) maybe I haven’t (completely) lost my (tiny) sense of fashion, even with a maternity wardrobe sadly out of date;  and d) he said I looked cute, instead of how I really look, which is like a beached whale.


It was a good morning…  until I walked into the kitchen, and one of my little darlings had to point out that my skirt was at least five inches shorter in the front than in the back.


I’m going to blame my bra.  I think it must be hungry for elastic-waist maternity clothes.  (At least one of us is enjoying them.)    😀


3 Responses to “Of wardrobe woes and whales (and wails!)”

  1. Tami Says:

    Hahaha!! I miss your humor. I also really miss having visiting teachers.

  2. Dar Says:

    Hang in this to shall pass! When I come home from work it’s usually straight into yoga pants. The other day I couldn’t find them so I ended up putting on my ‘Christmas’ reindeer jammies, I can tell you I certainly was not a vision in them. I looked like bad Christmas wrapping paper done up in flannel. Gone are the days of nice jammies it’s comfort all the way now.

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