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All in favor of officially naming the baby “Taco” (just in case), say “yum!” May 18, 2011

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At the risk of turning this into a pregnancy-only blog (is there even a risk for that, given how infrequently I post anymore?), I had the WEIRDEST dream last night.  Clearly, I’m in countdown mode, and I only need to bring up the bassinet and pack my hospital bag before I’m fully ready to bring this baby home.  If my delivery-filled dreams are any indication, this baby could come any MINUTE, even if I still have a month or so left on the “calendar”.  I am perfectly fine with this, by the way.  As far as I’m concerned, the earlier the delivery, the better.


(For those of you who wonder, I am exactly 33 weeks and 4 days, and have not gone past 38 weeks with any previous pregnancy.  While my “real” due date is July 1, my doctor is planning a mid-June delivery.)


So, I dreamed I had the baby, but for some reason, I had completely blocked all memories of delivery (doesn’t sound too bad, right?), so I wasn’t sure if my precious baby was a boy or a girl.  The hospital staff teased me mercilessly, and refused to tell me, insisting I’d find out as soon as I changed the next diaper.  The problem was (and really, except for the mystery-gender thing, it would have been no problem whatsoever), they kept taking the baby away to change it, so after my three-day stay, I still wasn’t sure whether I had a boy or a girl.


Then, once we got home, someone (Mom, was it you?) put the baby to sleep, and I figured, no big deal!  I’d have to get up to feed it during the night, and I’d find out when we both woke up whether I could call my baby Sam or Natalie.  Only, we both slept through the night (again, a miracle, if only I knew what to call my newborn!), and during the next day, the steady stream of visitors insisted on changing the baby’s diapers, and found it just as funny as the nurses did that I wasn’t sure of my own baby’s gender.  So, naturally, THEY wouldn’t tell me, either.


I woke up in a panic, and after Kenny finished laughing at my dream recap, I vowed to sneak a peek at my chart when I see my doctor next week.  Then I’ll have the double advantage of knowing for certain this baby’s gender (and keeping it to myself, thankyouverymuch)*, and getting revenge for the mockery.


What do you think?  Boy?  Girl?  (Thankfully, I haven’t had a hermaphrodite dream… yet.) (And Kenny doesn’t find that suggestion the least little bit funny.)  😀



*I won’t really peek.  Chill, Kenny.


9 Responses to “All in favor of officially naming the baby “Taco” (just in case), say “yum!””

  1. Ellen Gallegos Says:


    Thanks for the great laugh!!! I enjoyed reading your blog about the baby. How funny that you bring the baby home and you still have no idea on what the gender is. That is just baby Taco’s way of saying ha ha!!! LOL Cute story!!!

  2. Darlene Says:

    YUM!!! LOL

    I think you better get a move-on with packing those bags, I think Taco is telling you he or she is ready to come home and meet the family!

    You are so hilarious when you write. I love the pregnancy stories, it makes me think back to that time, it was one of the happiest in my life.

  3. Di Says:

    A) hilarious
    B) You should blog more because you’re hilarious
    C) Sam or Natalie! Love the names 🙂

  4. Amber Bills Says:

    I think this baby is bugged that you didn’t find out if she’s a boy or a girl. I said “she” too. Just because I hope you have another little girl. Girls are sweet.

    I also hope baby waits a little longer to bake…36ish weeks or later. I think that would be nice! Less chance of a NICU stay!

    I love your blog posts. I think you are a very talented writer and you bring humor to everyday things!

  5. Jeri Says:

    If Michael Jackson could get away with calling a kid “Blanket”, I say “YUM! Go for it, Kemi!”

    Please keep writing more. You’re keeping me in stitches while you’re still trapped in elastic (waistbands) for awhile yet.

    Whenever little “Taco” arrives, I hope he or she is healthy, happy, and loves to sleep through the night. Hugs…

  6. kweenmama Says:

    Maybe you should choose a name that isn’t gender specific…just in case. 😉

    Loved the post!

  7. Dar Says:

    Hey Lady haven’t seen you in blog land for a few days…does this mean Taco has arrived and is keeping you busy??

  8. […] miss the dreams I had when I was pregnant with Sam.  At least THOSE ended with a baby. […]

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