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It’s On. December 1, 2011

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Hold your breath.  It’s about to get regular up in here.  🙂


See, I’ve missed blogging.  I’ve missed sharing my crazy life with you.  (I’ve missed hearing how funny my life is.)  There are so many things I failed to write (type) down, and now they are lost in that foggy place memories go when you’re the mother of five.  (FIVE!)  That makes me sad, and blogging makes me happy.  So it’s a win-win.  It’s well past time to start it up again.


Earlier this week, I was feeding Sam in the high chair, and Alex was across the room, “working” on the computer.  Every so often, he’d guffaw, or giggle, or snort.  I had my back to him, and when I turned around to see what was so funny, I found him scrolling through my past blog posts.  Apparently, he still finds me hilarious, although I’m sure that will change in four months, when he turns 13.  He called Kendra over, and they read story after story, laughing together and reminiscing about what I’d written.


It made me happy (and proud, if I’m being completely honest) both in the moment, and for the past however-many years of blogging I’d done.  It also made me a little sad, for the years I let it slide.  Since I can’t go back, I can certainly move forward.  With a little bit of catching up first.  (Did you know I had a baby?  He is almost 6 months old now.  I’ll have to introduce you to him in a future post.  He’s a shameless flirt, and my heart melts every time I look at him.)


So, see you tomorrow?


3 Responses to “It’s On.”

  1. Mindy Says:

    I’ve missed you so.

  2. karolee Says:

    You and me lady… 😉 we can do this!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Have missed you tons. Love reading your stuff. ALWAYS. 🙂

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