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Friday is my (least) favorite day. December 2, 2011

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I used to love Friday.  It was my favorite day:  the one I looked forward to all week long.  Now, it’s one of my busiest days.  There is no joy in Friday anymore.  No relief.


Friday is my new Monday.


I blame Middle School.  Their late-start Friday throws a wrench in my morning schedule.  If I’m being honest, I also blame Kindergarten, because Friday is their early-out day.  When you add them together, my day looks something like this:


6:30 AM– Wake up

6:50 AM– Roll out of bed

7:15 AM– Family scripture study

7:35 AM– Make breakfast

7:40 AM– Nurse Sam

8:00 AM– Kendra to choir

8:10 AM– Still nursing Sam

8:40 AM– Hannah and Anthony to school

9:10 AM– Alex to school

9:25 AM– Empty/reload dishwasher, start new laundry, fold old laundry

Prepare crock pot ingredients for dinner

Marvel that Sam is still sleeping

Online Christmas shopping


Check E-mail, Facebook and Pinterest

10:10 AM– Sam is awake!  Feed him cereal.

10:20 AM– Clean spit-out cereal from baby face and hands, self, high chair and floor

10:30 AM– Change laundry

10:50 AM– Kindergarten pick-up

11:10 AM– Nurse Sam

11:45 AM– (Still nursing Sam)

NOON– Sam is screaming in the bedroom.  (One of us doesn’t like to nap.)

Make lunch

Change laundry

12:15 PM– Get Sam

Hold Sam

1:00 PM– Nurse Sam

2:00 PM– Walk past the crock pot and realize I FORGOT TO TURN IT ON

Panic, and re-think dinner.

Turn crock pot to HIGH.

2:10 PM– Kendra and Hannah home

2:20 PM– Blog

2:50 PM– Late for Middle School pick-up  (OOPS!)


On Fridays, I make six school trips in seven hours.  It hardly seems worth the effort to send them to school.  While I doubt they’d protest one less school day each week, that solution just isn’t practical.  Do you think they’d skip dinner each Friday, and agree to a 4:00 PM bedtime?


That’s what I suspected.


Is it Monday yet?


3 Responses to “Friday is my (least) favorite day.”

  1. Yea; but, you will miss these days in 10+ years and want them back…

  2. Di Says:

    Totally lolled at “One of us doesn’t like to nap.” I wonder which one…

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