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The natives are restless! December 30, 2011

Filed under: kids,The Looney Bin — Kemi @ 12:39 pm

I just walked past five light switches that were set in the middle of the panel– not off, and not on, but carefully, squarely in the middle.


It’s definitely time to send someone(s) back to school.


2 Responses to “The natives are restless!”

  1. Cannot be too soon. I’m a stay at home mom who actually enrolled the two youngest in a holiday “day camp ” program (yes, thats like hiring someone else to do my work) because we couldnt take the constant “she’s looking at me” stuff…… Theres something about the holidays!

    • Kemi Says:

      Ha ha ha… I know EXACTLY what you mean. If they aren’t yelling at each other because someone’s space bubble has been invaded, they are crying because no one wants to play with them (usually because of the personal space issues).

      Too bad we can’t all hibernate for the winter. A four-month nap would do wonders for EVERYONE. 😀

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