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Sam is 7 months old! January 10, 2012

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Since I thought it might be nice to write SOMETHING about him before his first birthday, today’s post is dedicated to my Sam.



Seven months.  Where does the time go?



*He has four teeth, with more ready to break through any day.

*He loves to bite whatever he can get into his mouth, other people’s fingers being his first choice.

*His favorite food is sweet potatoes.  (After fingers, of course.)  He likes to munch on rice rusks, and he HATES the Gerber 1st stage meats.  Watching him do the full-body dry heave of revulsion after a spoonful of “chicken” makes me giggle every time.  And since they say a baby needs to try something at least 10 times before he knows for sure he hates it, I have six more highly enjoyable mealtime shows to enjoy before the guilt can “officially” creep in.

*He doesn’t roll over.  He absolutely refuses to do it.

*He can, however, turn in a 360-degree circle on both is back and his stomach to get to what he wants.

*He sits up on his own, with the occasional wobble.

*He loves books.  His Hungry Caterpillar and Hawaiian fish books are his favorites.

*He still likes to be swaddled (best blankets EVER!) tightly when he goes to sleep.  He recognizes the blanket and tucks his arms into his body in anticipation.

*I have finally worked him up to one nap (most days).  Clearly, not much gets done during the day.

*He’d have no problem being held 24/7.  (See: above)

*He is a shameless flirt.  He bats his big blue eyes and charms everyone.

*He snorts when he laughs.  HILARIOUS.

*He’s tiny.  Barely in the fifth percentile, he still hasn’t doubled his birth weight.

*He holds onto my finger while he nurses.  He also does a dirty-old-man chuckle when I lay him across my lap and reach under my shirt.  (Kenny says, “That’s my boy!”)

*He is fascinated by the dogs, his feet, and sunlight.

*He loves his mama.  (She loves him right back!)



Out of all the babies in the world, I’m quite sure I got the very best one.



6 Responses to “Sam is 7 months old!”

  1. Marci Says:

    He is so dang cute!! That smile!! You got a good one, that’s for sure 🙂

  2. Di Says:

    You made such a cute baby! I think he kind of looks like my nephew. Different smile shape, but same blond hair and big blues.

  3. Meredith Says:

    He’s just so darn adorable! I want to play with him. We need to stop by!

    I can’t believe he’s 7 months! And so tiny!

    I love that he does a dirty old man chuckle… HILARIOUS.

  4. Amber Says:

    He is too precious!

  5. kspin Says:

    Oh, so sweet! and strangely lots of this sounds oh so familiar… 🙂 Time does go way too fast so I’m so glad you’re enjoying it while you can and documenting. Time for me to get back to that. Sam is adorable!

  6. wendy Says:

    Those big blue eyes are darling. What a cute baby!!!

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