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Some Thoughts on a Monday April 9, 2012

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1.  I love my blog.  I miss my blog.  It gives me an equal sense of pride and embarrassment;  of determination and of guilt.  If only there were more hours in the day, and my baby slept for more of them.  Then I might be able to get my blog groove going again.  I refuse to believe it’s broken.



2.  Last week, my kids had spring break.  Last week, I had both strep throat and the flu.  None of us really had a vacation.  I wish we could have a re-do.



a.  My kids are awesome.  I spent Monday and Tuesday sleeping, with brief periods spent feeding Sam, and then immediately passing him off to one of the kids.  None of them complained about it.  Nor did they complain about being stuck at home for a week, even though we had grand plans, all of which had to be scrapped.


b.  Next year, we will be doing Easter baskets the weekend before spring break.  (This year, we are doing them a week after Easter.  Again, no complaints from the kids.  Did I tell you they’re awesome?  BECAUSE THEY ARE.)  That way, whatever they get, they can spend the week enjoying it, rather than opening a basket and heading right back to school.


c.  While this year has been better than the last, I find myself looking forward to the end of school.  What has happened to me?  I was the kid who cried on the last day of school, because she didn’t want it to end.  Now I’m the mom who dreads Mondays because the kids have to go back to school.



3.  We moved Sam out of our bedroom this weekend.  I had been planning it for a while, seeing as how he is almost 10 months (TEN MONTHS!) old, and still sleeping in the bassinet next to my bed.  (Lest you be inclined to judge, he is such a tiny little thing that he STILL FITS in the bassinet.  The problem is, he’s starting to roll over in his sleep, and it doesn’t give him a lot of room to move around comfortably.)  I thought the week of spring break would be a great time to introduce him to a new room and a new crib, because the kids had a week-long sleepover downstairs and his crying wouldn’t bother them.  Of course, then I NEARLY DIED of sickness (not really), so the crib didn’t get put up, and Sam isn’t such a fan of the playpen.    This week.  The crib will go up THIS WEEK if it kills me.  (It just might.)



4.  I miss Sam sleeping in the bassinet next to my bed.  I miss his cute baby noises, his cute baby snoring, and his cute baby gas, and I hate that I have to get out of bed and walk down the hallway to check on him.  Kenny’s noises are not so cute;  neither are his snoring nor his gas.



5.  I hate the time of year that’s still too cool to turn on the air conditioner, but too warm to sufficiently cool the house by opening the windows.  I go to bed hot, and wake up freezing.



6.  Kenny came home from work, took one look at my face, and gathered up all the kids and dogs and took them on a walk so I could have five minutes of peace.  Then, he took them for another lap.  I really, really love that man.


2 Responses to “Some Thoughts on a Monday”

  1. Marci Says:

    My baby stayed in our room until she was nine months old and she did NOT still fit in the bassinet. It’s so hard to say goodbye. Two weeks ago, she graduated from the crib to a big-girl bed. The time goes too quickly. I’m so sorry you didn’t get a Spring Break. Get better soon! And yes, your kids and husband are pretty dang awesome….you deserve awesome!!

  2. kweenmama Says:

    I had a bout with strep a couple of months ago…my first ever! At least it was the first time I’ve ever been diagnosed with it. It was NOT fun. Bummer that you didn’t get to do much on spring break. Make up for it during the summer. I’ve been away from Blog land for so long…I feel a loss for all of the posts I’ve missed. BUT the pics of your little guy are darling!!! So glad you posted them…at seven months. Time for some more???

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