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11 months. Unbelievable. May 10, 2012

Filed under: Sam — Kemi @ 3:35 pm


I love you, Baby Sam!


4 Responses to “11 months. Unbelievable.”

  1. Those are some beautiful blue eyes! So hard to resist! And teeth!! OMG…

  2. kweenmama Says:

    Such a cute baby! And, your previous post…so fun to read! (Though probably not fun as you went through all of it). I got strep throat for the very first time EVER this past winter and have never been so sick in my life! I was so miserable. My kids, however, didn’t think I was going to die. Darn it. I could have probably milked that for awhile if they had.

  3. Dar Says:

    He is beautiful!

  4. Wendy Says:

    He is adorable Kemi!

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