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Baby Luna November 28, 2012

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How do you tell your kids they are going to have a new sibling when some of them have heard it four times already?

You take them into the mountains on a crisp, October day for a hike and a picnic.





Then you stop to take pictures of them on a picnic table.

You tell them, “Say ‘Cheese!'”  Then you say, “‘Cheese’ is boring.  Say, “‘New baby!'”

(They may look at you like this.)



So you might need to say something else, like, “Say, ‘May 24!  New baby!’  Surprise!”

And then you get pictures like these, which are AWESOME.






And then you tell the rest of your family like this, on Halloween night:



Then, you throw around some nicknames you can call the baby until it’s born.  Boo, Autumn, Taco Salad, Burrito, Pooky, Star… and none of them feel right.  And then on Thanksgiving, your brilliant sister says, “How about Luna?  It’s Spanish for ‘moon’.”  And everyone loves it.


So, Baby Luna* is official!


(*With that name, I hope Kenny’s right about her being a girl!  We won’t find out until May.)


7 Responses to “Baby Luna”

  1. Marci Says:

    Oh my goodness, that is priceless!!!! Those expressions!! Good job Mom, welcome to the world of six kids 🙂

  2. Kenny B Sutton Says:

    I am right! Have been every time honey!—plus Luna works so well for a baby girl she’ll make sure! (please help me out on this one Luna!)

  3. Meredith Says:

    That is such great news! I am SO excited for you guys!!! And by the looks on your kids’ faces, I’m assuming they are too 🙂 Have I mentioned you guys have beautiful babies? So yay for another adorable Sutton!

  4. teacherach Says:

    BEST STORY EVER! LOOOOVE their faces! lol CONGRATS to you guys…so many lucky little ones!

  5. Wendy Says:

    Congrats Kemi! Great pictures of the kids reactions

  6. Tami Says:

    Congratulations!! That is awesome how you annouced. I’m really happy for you.

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