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It’s all about perspective… January 1, 2014

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It felt like I had just fallen into bed, just closed my eyes, just drifted off to sleep when I felt the sharp jab in my ribs.


“Honey, Sam threw up in the crib.  I need to you to wake up.”

(Which, let’s be real, really meant, “It’s disgusting and smelly, and I don’t want to do it.”)


Poor Sam.  He has had a nasty cold for over a week, and now that it’s (mostly) settled into his chest, when he coughs too hard, he tends to throw up a little.  Not a big deal, really.  I stripped his sheets, remade the bed, tossed the soiled stuff in an empty basket, and tucked him back in.  I was back in bed by 3 AM.  It took less than 15 minutes.  Just as I was drifting off, I thought, “Well there’s a great start to 2014!”


An hour later, Natalie woke up to eat.  I stubbed my little toe on the way to the couch.  Then I sat on a toy that had worked its way between the cushions.  When I crawled back into bed, I discovered that Kenny had stolen all the covers.  “Wow.  2014 REALLY sucks!” I thought to myself as I fought for a corner of sheet.


Natalie woke me up again before 8 AM.  (Someone didn’t get the “Post New-Year Sleep in Late” memo.)  Once I got her settled with a bottle, I signed into Facebook to complain about my eventful night.  I was looking for sympathy.  What I found was a message from a very close friend of mine, telling me her beloved mother-in-law had passed away.


Suddenly, nighttime vomit and a stubbed toe seemed less catastrophic– dramatically so.  I will not be spending my New Year planning a funeral, or comforting my grieving husband, or explaining death to my children.  A washing machine and a quick nap will fix everything for me.  There is no quick, easy fix for her.  Her sorrow will last a lot longer than the pain from my stubbed toe.


That’s all for now.  I’m off to hug my kids, and to tell my parents I love them.


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