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The Year Without A Christmas Tree… Maybe? December 9, 2014

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It has been an interesting two weeks.


Hannah’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving, just as it was 11 years ago. Then, Thanksgiving (and all that it entails!). Kenny and I spent two days trying to purchase a cell phone at Target during their Black Friday sale, and after 5 unsuccessful trips in two days, we gave up, Then, on December 2, my brother married the greatest girl in the world (who shall heretofore be known as “Rhonda”). The day was beautiful, but exhausting. (It’s been a week, and we’re still recovering. It didn’t help that when he departed for his Hawaiian honeymoon, he left us his cold. So generous, my brother is.)  Oh, and somewhere in there, Kendra tried to parkour over a desk at school, fell, and possibly fractured her wrist.  She’s wearing a splint.  And a sling.  And she’s less than thrilled with the whole situation.


So, normally we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) put the tree up over Thanksgiving weekend, but we were so busy making trips to Target and the E.R., and opening birthday gifts,  AND sucking up every last minute of family togetherness, it didn’t happen. It is currently just after midnight on December 9, and there is no Christmas tree twinkling brightly in the corner of my living room.


I bought a brand new tree this year, since the pre-lit one my dad surprised us with five years ago will not light up in the center section. The new tree is even full-sized, rather than the little 5-footers we’ve had since we got married almost 20 years ago.


The problem is, there needs to be some very minor furniture rearranging to get the tree up, and no one seems to care enough to lend a hand.


It’s all Little Red Hen at my house.

“Who will help me put away laundry and clean the house so we can put up the tree?”
“Not I,” said the teenagers, as they typed on their laptops.
“Not I,” said the tweens, as they played Minecraft.
“Not I,” said the toddlers, as they scattered more toys around the living room.

“Are you going to put the tree up anytime soon?” asked the Big Red Rooster.
“Not without some help,” said the Little Red Hen.  

“Oh,” said the Big Red Rooster, as he went back to his xbox game.

So the Little Red Hen turned into the Grinch and moved the unpacked boxes of Christmas decorations back into the garage.


I told my kids if the room isn’t ready for the tree by the weekend, I would bring in the ugly brown tree box and wrap it in tinsel, and we’d call it good for the year. I think they think I’m kidding. Won’t they be surprised to find out I am SO not kidding.


I’m actually a little giddy about how easy it will be to clean up in January…