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Random Musings of the Misunderstood

About Me March 18, 2008

     I am a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom to four wonderful kids:  Alex, 9; Kendra, 8; Hannah, 5; and Anthony, 3.   I also tend my adorable niece Abbie (1) two to three days each week.  Before babies, I was an elementary-school teacher, and I find myself missing it sometimes.  I volunteer a lot at my kids’ school, and it fills my need for now.  I am the daughter of two teachers, and the eldest of five children whose names all start with the letter “K”.  I like having responsibility for people and things, but I’m not a control freak.  (At least I don’t think I am.  Oh, how horrifying it would be if I was wrong!)


     My husband and have been married for 13 years.  We met on a blind date when I was attending Brigham Young University and he was two days home from an LDS mission to Germany.  Our first date was December 29, we got engaged on March 17, and we were married in June.  (If one of my kids does that, at age 20, I’ll kill them.  LOL,  kidding)  My husband works for Riverton Motors, a Chevrolet dealership, where he is consistently one of the top five salesmen.  He dreams about owning their new crossover-SUV, the Traverse, while I’m happy with the Cavalier he currently drives, which is already paid off.  I’m a killjoy, I know.  (Update:  Traded in the Cavalier for a pretty taupe Impala over the summer.  Still wants the Traverse.)   


     On an average day, you’ll find me doing mom things like carpooling, cleaning house, playing games, reading stories, singing songs and changing diapers.  After my kids go to bed, I love to spend time on the computer, cross-stitching, reading, playing the piano, watching mindless television and sleeping.  (One of the biggest surprises of motherhood has been the utter lack of quality sleep.  Who knew?)  


     I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).  My husband and I were married in the temple and I try very hard to live in a way that honors the covenants I made with my Heavenly Father.  My current calling is Relief Society counselor responsible for Home, Family and Personal Enrichment.  I love it, but it’s a doozy.  (If I had my choice, I’d be the Primary chorister.) 


     I am really quite boring, although sometimes I feel like my whole life is a comedy of errors.  I like to make people laugh, as long as they’re laughing with me.  (That distinction is very important.)  I am fairly shy and reserved when I meet new people, or in large groups.  I’m sure it’s because I’m lacking self-assuredness.   I love having visitors, and it is both humbling and exciting to read your comments and realize that you choose to read about me and my random musings.  Deep down, I always feel like a huge dork.  *grin*


     That’s me, in a nutshell.  Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to comment (and feed my ego!).



28 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Hey! Thought I would stop by and say hello one last time! I like your about me page! Great pic too!


  2. NightMistress Says:

    You two are so cute it defies description!

  3. Kemi Says:

    Awww, thank you. 🙂 I like that picture, although I don’t like the way my eye makeup looks so garish. (That would be White Sand and Java.)

    Thank you, flourescent lights…

    That cute baby I have is Hannah. It’s clearly a few years old. I was seven months pregnant with Anthony. LOL

  4. Julie Says:

    I used to teach public school as well! 2nd grade. I liked it, but hated the politics and paperwork. Now both my kids are home schooled and my teacher friends, while they respect my decision, think I’m crazy. I sometimes wonder the same thing as I listen to my son complain about Algebra.

  5. Sky Says:

    Kemi, you are gorgeous! Your baby is so cute! I homeschool also and love every minute of it!

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Hey Kemi! I found a site for LDS bloggers and thought you might be interested. One of my other blog buddies is LDS too and I found it through her site. Check it out here:

    There is also a post you can link to if you wrote a Memorium for President Hinckley.

    Hope you enjoy!

  7. Rebecca Says:


    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll! You have a wonderful blog here. The picture of you and that child is so cute in your ‘About Me’ 🙂

    Well, I hope to hear from you soon and plan to read your blog often. You’re a very good Author. Well done!

  8. Hey Kemi. It’s great to see your photo. I really like what you are “about.” I am in shock that you can type 93 words in a minute. That is quite impressive! (I only got 54 but I will keep trying.)

  9. Kemi S Says:

    Hi kemi (name sake)
    Kinda stumbled on your blog while googling my self. How did you get your name(nigerian)

  10. Kemi Says:

    My name is Japanese in origin, taken from the Kanji. It means “touched by beauty” or “truth and beauty”, depending on who you ask.

    Holy cow, it was a total trip to see my (your!) name and last initial on my blog. 🙂 I don’t see my name very often.

  11. gr8tful Says:

    Just stopped by to say hi! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  12. Marci Says:

    Hey Kemi, I linked from your Facebook, hope you don’t mind. I love the blog! Do you still live close by? Last time I saw you was at the pediatrician’s office…it’s been a while.
    I can’t wait to see more, your writing makes me laugh. 🙂

  13. Frances Van Dyke Says:

    Love your page and the Transparency soap bottle. Would you please send me what you put on the transparency? I have seen them and think they are really cute.

    I am a member of the LDS church. Current calling, Stake Primary 2nd counselor. The calling was a surprise to me. I am 63 and have only served in primary when I first became active in the church for about 4 months. Then as secretary for a year a long time ago.

    It is rewarding and I serve with wonderful sisters.

  14. Aviagra Says:

    I loved the post. I think your thinking is nearly matching the great sukrat’s cocept.

  15. Marci Clawson Says:

    I was happy to find the soap bottle instructions. Would you please e-mail me the Word Document templates?

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. zenbiscuit Says:

    Are you actually Stephenie Meyer?! You have an awful lot in common…>.< oh ignore me, all Ive eaten for 2 days is chocolate muffins =/ Ive bookmarked your blog, will be checking back often (= Adieu.

  17. Jamie Stoker Says:

    Can I please get the Word document template for the soap bottles? I randomly found this blog and would love to have it!!

  18. DiAmOnD hawk Says:

    hiya… dropped by because of your name
    thought you might be Nigerian… because Kemi is prounounced like “chemi”stry and it means pamper me. It typically is attached to God.. so the whole thing would be God has pampered or is pampering me… in anycase… nice blog! 🙂

  19. Janette Layne Says:

    Could I please have your template for the “helping hands” soap gift you made for RS. Does it have the fonts already too?

  20. Kemi Says:

    Hi, is your name also Kemi? It’s funny I found you because all of my life I’ve said “my name is Kemi, like Chemistry”. My name was supposed to be Akemi which is Japanese, but my mother forgot the leading “A”. I recently found out that Kemi is a popular name in nigeria, and it is also the original name of Egypt. I’d love to hear your story behind the name!

  21. Jan Says:

    Love your blog and your sense of humor!

    I would love to have your template for the “hands” soap bottle dispenser.


  22. Laura Moore Says:

    Love your blog and your family is beautiful.

    I have a question?

    Did you get information about cross-stitching LDS Prophets? I would love that link or any information you have about that.

    Thank you so much.
    Sister Laura Moore

  23. Jeanette Says:

    Could you please e-mail me a copy of the template for the Hand Soap Bottles. Great gift idea. Thanks!

  24. Kemi Price Says:

    Wow! This is so wild! My name is also Kemi, and I am also LDS!

    I have met a number of people named Kemi, most of them of African origin. You are the only other caucasian Kemi I have found.

    What is the origin of your name?

    • Kemi Brown Says:

      I had posted above you comment #20, but I am another caucasian Kemi, so there are 3 of us that we know of now.

  25. Patricia Says:

    Would you mind emailing me the template for the helping hands soap dispenser? I just found your site and I love it.


  26. Linda Wehner Says:

    Would you be able to e-mail me the template for the words that go in the soap bottles, ie “happy hands, clean hands” etc. Thank you so much!!

  27. I am new to blogs and so excited to find one by a person so enthusiastic and honest about their life. 😀 Wish you had been blogging when my children were young.

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