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Heat me, baby, one more time… November 12, 2008

     This post is based on a 13-year-long fight over the thermostat.  Not a fight, really, as much as a sneaky contest to see who can keep the heat at their desired temperature the longest.


     Kenny is always turning the heat up.  He gets cold very easily, and because he’s diabetic, his circulation is poor.  His feet are always like ice, and he is never without socks and slippers.  (He refers to them as “foot mittens”.  I’m not sure if it’s a German thing or what, but it’s annoyingly endearing.  Most days.)  (more…)


Hannah the Fashionista September 6, 2008

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     Hannah, who is four (going on twenty-four!), has quite the developed fashion sense.  From whence it developed, I have no idea.  I’m also not sure if it’s fully developed (I’m guessing it’s NOT), but I’ll let you judge for yourself.


Dressing for Valeween Day, obviously.



Who wants to win a cute summer dress? July 12, 2008

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     My friend Rachel is offering a really sweet giveaway this week on her blog.


     You’ll have to go visit her to see all the details, but I AM going to post my two favorites for you to see. 

(‘Cause I’m so helpful like that.)  *snort*



                  “Nicole”                                                          “Madeline”                                (back)


     I love the brown dress because of the contrast.  I like that it buttons to the right of center, rather than directly down the middle, and the fluttery, lettuce-edged sleeves look cute and summery.    (I wish I was 30 pounds lighter so I could actually wear it.)  It looks slimming and stylish, and I love that you could dress it up or make it casual, depending on your choice of accessories.


     The pink dress is my favorite little-girl dress, because it has a full skirt and the cute white trim, and when I saw the back, I actually screamed with delight.  (I am such a huge dork, but WHAT A CUTE COLLAR !)   I prefer the pink over the red dress.  It looks so feminine and soft, it reminds me of something a princess-in-training would wear.  Oooh, and the best parts– machine washable and $19.99.  Music to a mom’s ears. 


     Therefore, if I win, I will not be buying a dress for me, due to the sizing (SOB!), but Hannah and my niece, Abbie, will look adorable.


Surprise!!! April 23, 2008

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     I am still fighting the never-ending laundry battle, and today’s Goliath is the boys’ laundry.  (It’s totally my mom’s fault that they each have enough clothes AND pajamas to go for a solid three weeks without running out of anything, but it’s my fault for letting it go that long.    *sigh*  We’re working on donating some of it, and putting away the kindatoosmall  things for Anthony.)  (I think I could *get* this laundry thing under control if I did one or two small loads each day and only had 7-10 complete outfits per person to worry about.) 


     Anyway, in preparation for today’s washer-dryer epic, last night I had Alex drag his (overstuffed!) laundry hamper and all of the clothes he had on his floor (Carpet!  I didn’t know his room had that!) out into a large space so we could sort them and get things off to a good start this morning.  When I put Anthony down for his morning nap, I noticed a handful of pajamas and underwear on the floor, so I scooped them up to add them to the (sorted) dirty clothes piles that dotted the living room.


     Only, guess what I found in Alex’s clothes pile?  (Not on, not under, but IN !)  Go ahead…  guess! (more…)


Okay, what gives? April 22, 2008

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     As of 11:14 AM, here are all the search engine terms that sent traffic to my blog:


mormon special stitching 1
what do you like most about being lds 1
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mormon clothes stitching 1


     To what do I owe this surge of interest in my religion and my clothing?  If you say the FLDS drama in Texas, I’m going to slap you.  (Not really.) (Well, maybe.)


     My blog friend Rebecca posted a great article yesterday, called Just For the Record….  If you’re stumbled across my blog looking for ties between Mormons and the FLDS, I suggest you read that first.  I’m just sayin’…    *grin*


Dear Sons, April 17, 2008

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Dear Sons,


     I am writing to both of you today, because you’ve been on my mind.  And, quite frankly, because I am concerned for both of you.  Thankfully I’m concerned about two separate issues, because if I had to worry about both problems for both of you, I’d be loony.  (Hush.)(I mean it!)  And a little scared.  So, Alex, I’m going to start with you.


     Alex, your eye is freaky.  FUH-REEK-EEEY.  (more…)


Dear Laundry, April 5, 2008

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Dear Laundry,


     I am tired of washing you.  I’m tired of walking up and down the stairs with you to my dungeon of a laundry room.  I am disheartened (and truthfully, a little maniacal) when I have just washed a hamper of you, and the next time I walk into a kid’s room, you have filled the hamper up again.  To the brim.  (In all fairness, it’s with the clothes that have been stuffed under the bed by my kids, in an attempt to “clean” their rooms, but still.)  This happens…  a lot.


     I know I am still trying to play catch-up from my most recent bout with the super-virus, but even when I’m on top of things, it still seems like ALL  I do is laundry.  Washing, drying, folding, putting away…  it’s exhausting.  And I’m tired.  Of you, of the basement, and just tired in general.


     Can’t you give a girl a break every now and then?  I’d really love it if you’d just “do” yourself for the next few weeks.  Catch yourself up and then be sure to jump into the hamper, rather than on the floor.  And when I pull the full hamper out of the bedrooms to sort you, pleasepleaseplease make sure that you are IN it.  Not under the bed, not hidden in the sheets, not under the table, in the downstairs family room, or in any of the other 1,000 places you seem to hide, thanks to my lazy children.  Or on the cedar chest, where my husband tends to lay you, even though the hampers are less than a foot away.


     I KNOW you don’t want to be washed by my kids.  (Neither of us want that.  As convenient- and practical- as that would seem, I don’t trust them to refrain from dyeing all their clothes pink.  Or black.  And I don’t even want to think of the gum, rocks, chapstick and other things that could go through the washer and dryer if they were in charge of cleaning out their pockets.)  I would hate for things to turn out that way.


     Thanks for giving me this chance to vent.  (Get it?  Vent?  Dryer?)




This post has been brought to you by the letter P (pigsty) and by the number 13 (loads left to finish).