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The Year Without A Christmas Tree… Maybe? December 9, 2014

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It has been an interesting two weeks.


Hannah’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving, just as it was 11 years ago. Then, Thanksgiving (and all that it entails!). Kenny and I spent two days trying to purchase a cell phone at Target during their Black Friday sale, and after 5 unsuccessful trips in two days, we gave up, Then, on December 2, my brother married the greatest girl in the world (who shall heretofore be known as “Rhonda”). The day was beautiful, but exhausting. (It’s been a week, and we’re still recovering. It didn’t help that when he departed for his Hawaiian honeymoon, he left us his cold. So generous, my brother is.)  Oh, and somewhere in there, Kendra tried to parkour over a desk at school, fell, and possibly fractured her wrist.  She’s wearing a splint.  And a sling.  And she’s less than thrilled with the whole situation.


So, normally we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) put the tree up over Thanksgiving weekend, but we were so busy making trips to Target and the E.R., and opening birthday gifts,  AND sucking up every last minute of family togetherness, it didn’t happen. It is currently just after midnight on December 9, and there is no Christmas tree twinkling brightly in the corner of my living room.


I bought a brand new tree this year, since the pre-lit one my dad surprised us with five years ago will not light up in the center section. The new tree is even full-sized, rather than the little 5-footers we’ve had since we got married almost 20 years ago.


The problem is, there needs to be some very minor furniture rearranging to get the tree up, and no one seems to care enough to lend a hand.


It’s all Little Red Hen at my house.

“Who will help me put away laundry and clean the house so we can put up the tree?”
“Not I,” said the teenagers, as they typed on their laptops.
“Not I,” said the tweens, as they played Minecraft.
“Not I,” said the toddlers, as they scattered more toys around the living room.

“Are you going to put the tree up anytime soon?” asked the Big Red Rooster.
“Not without some help,” said the Little Red Hen.  

“Oh,” said the Big Red Rooster, as he went back to his xbox game.

So the Little Red Hen turned into the Grinch and moved the unpacked boxes of Christmas decorations back into the garage.


I told my kids if the room isn’t ready for the tree by the weekend, I would bring in the ugly brown tree box and wrap it in tinsel, and we’d call it good for the year. I think they think I’m kidding. Won’t they be surprised to find out I am SO not kidding.


I’m actually a little giddy about how easy it will be to clean up in January…


NAUGHTY! December 9, 2011

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It’s that time of year when some (one) of my children begin to fear that their (his) behavior hasn’t been quite up to standard over the past 11 months.  Panic (and hilarity) has begun to set in.


Example 1:  The child who never fails to tell me how fat I am and how pregnant I still look (he’s a real gem, that one), will cover his ears and burst into tears every time Kendra starts singing her choir song about an overweight Santa.  It’s a delightful song, and by the time she gets to the chorus, we are laughing at the lyrics AS WELL AS Anthony’s histrionics.  For some reason, he is terrified that Santa will categorize the entire family as troublemakers and skip our house altogether, not realizing that Anthony is the lone defender of Santa’s waistline.


Because it makes perfect sense to protect Santa, who only brings one gift, and relentlessly mock his mother, who provides the rest of the holiday haul, as well as the gifts for his mid-December birthday.  And has half of Santa’s girth.


Perhaps this year, Santa will bring the gift and Mommy will give the coal!  Or she will just sing the song over and over and over again, to mess with his head.  (It would serve him right, don’t you think?)


(to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Santa Claus, Santa Claus, you are much too fat!

I was sleeping peacefully and now my bed is flat!

Oh, Santa Claus, Santa Claus, how much do you weigh?

I’d hate to be a reindeer who has to pull your sleigh.



Example 2:  He spent last evening re-writing his Christmas list.  There are only a few items on it, which is surprising.  (Maybe he set the bar low, thinking it might earn him some extra points with the big guy in red.) (Not to be confused with the fat woman in pink.)


He declined my offer to mail it to Santa;  instead, he brought it into the family room to read it aloud.  “It’s so the elves can hear,” he informed me.  (We have two elves who visit us from the North Pole each December.)  “Game Boy, robot, GB charger, Cars bed.  Do you hear that, Elves?” And then, to me:  “‘Cause they’re the ones who actually make the stuff.”



While I applaud his determination, I can’t help but think that if he’d just behave himself ALL YEAR LONG, December wouldn’t be quite so stressful for him.


The universe smiles (or laughs) at me July 1, 2010

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I grabbed a new roll of paper towels out of the multi-pack* this morning and noticed that there were festive red and blue stars on it.  It made me smile.


It’s the little things like that, that make me such a dork!  😀




*I LOVE my paper towels, even though I know they’re not environmentally-friendly.  Don’t judge me.  (Or, do, but don’t tell me.)


SANTA! We know him! December 5, 2009

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     Our ward broke from tradition this year and had a “Breakfast with Santa” instead of the usual evening dinner.  I have to say, I wouldn’t be at all sorry if we ditched the sit-down meal for the casual brunch.


     In a word:  YUM.


     After we gorged ourselves on eggs, ham, hash browns and waffles, we had our picture taken with the Big Man himself, who introduced my kids to the idea of skateboards AND longboards (to which I ask, there’s a difference?) (Please don’t enlighten me.  I am completely uninterested.) and caused about 3o new wrinkles and twice that many gray hairs in their poor mother, who immediately envisioned broken arms and severe cases of road rash.


     Thanks, Santa.


     So here we are, in all our holiday glory.  Kendra’s hair is…  unfortunate.  In spite of that (or because of it?), this picture makes me smile.




    Merry Christmas!  May Santa bring you (most of) what’s on your Christmas list.


Happy Birthday, Kenny! April 6, 2009


All morning, Abbie referred to Kenny as "Daddy". Yesterday, she couldn't stop running to his lap for hugs.


     It is my beloved’s birthday today.  He is something that rhymes with “shirty-fine”.


     (To read last year’s birthday post, click here.)


     This will be the fourteenth birthday of his we’ve celebrated together.  In his family, birthdays were no big deal.  (Rather, HIS birthdays were no big deal.)  There were even a few years where his birthday was completely forgotten, or hurriedly thrown together after dinner, and for the most part, there were no gifts.  I promised him that I’d never forget his birthday, and I’ve tried to make up for 24 years of neglect.  It was easy when we were first married.  His birthday was in the spring, and mine was in the fall.  Six months apart meant lots of time to plan. 


     Then we had two kids with birthdays at the end of March, and Easter gets thrown in the mix, so by the time I’ve celebrated three birthdays and a holiday, I’m pretty wiped out.


     (Somewhat guiltily, I’ve started referring to it as “Hell Week”.) 


     We celebrated Kenny’s birthday with my family last night, which is always a highlight of spring General Conference, and ate ourselves sick on tacos and seven-layer bean dip.  My mom did this really cool jello/pudding poke cake, and he got his birthday “loot”, which included “Heroes”- seasons 1 and 2, another Wii controller, some Swedish Fish and a (very!) generous gift card to Lowe’s.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)


     To keep in the theme of making each birthday-day a big deal, the kids and I will be taking cupcakes into his work (and I hope embarrassing the heck out of him, because payback is a nasty thing!) and making a(nother) birthday dinner.  Then we’ll end our night by having Family Home Evening and working to implement this weekend’s prophetic counsel.  Probably not the most exciting birthday ever, and certainly not as fun as a big party with friends, but I am hopeful that he’ll enjoy it.


     Probably not as much as he enjoyed this, however:


This was taken at Souper Salad on Alex's birthday.  He was telling the kids those stupid jokes about Ethiopians and Helen Keller, and he pulled some muscles from laughing so hard.

This was taken at Souper Salad on Alex's birthday. He was telling the kids those stupid jokes about Ethiopians and Helen Keller, and he pulled some muscles from laughing so hard. He was trying to muffle his laughter with napkins, but with no success. We were EASILY the loudest people in the restaurant. *sigh*



     I love you, honey!  You  make my life better.  Your support and encouragement keep me going on my hardest days, and your sense of humor never fails to cheer me up.  (Okay, USUALLY never fails…)   😀   You work so hard for our family, and we’re grateful to have you as a husband and father.


     Here’s to another “shirty-fine” years, at least. 




Nine March 29, 2009

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     Today, Kendra is nine.  My beautiful girl, growing up so fast (too fast for my liking!), who is gracious and kind and loving, is nine.


     Where did the time go?


     I remember holding her in my arms for the first time, about an hour after she was born.  I spent my time in recovery while she was cleaned up and bathed in the nursery, and a nurse brought her to my room.  When they put her in my arms, I could hardly believe I was the mother of such a beautiful baby girl.


     I used to love to watch her sleep.  It was one of the rare times she let me cuddle her.  I’d pick her up out of the bassinet and cradle her in my arms, and work in all the kisses and snuggles I could get away with.


     Now I don’t even have to ask.  She’s always ready with a hug or a kiss.  She is such a patient big sister, and so good to her siblings.  She also has a sense of peace and calm about her that makes her mature beyond her nine years.  (If she were a Twilight vampire, she’d be Jasper!  And she’ll LOVE the comparison when she sees it.)


     She is growing so quickly into a beautiful young woman.  Her compassion for others is remarkable.  She is such a sweet and special girl!


     I love you, Kendra!  Happy Birthday!




Leapin’ Leprechauns! What a day! March 17, 2009

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Today was a really great day.


     I’m not sure if the holiday had something (extra) to do with it, or it was just a really great day in general, but I have smiled most of the day, and I was sorry to put my kids to bed.  That NEVER RARELY happens.


     It started with waking up in a panic this morning, because I didn’t get up with my alarm.  (I blame Kenny.  It got stuffy last night, and he opened all the windows.  The fresh air and sound of birds in the early morning was lovely!  So lovely I kept hitting snooze.)  I was supposed to be at the school with Alex and Kendra at 8:55, and I opened my eyes at 8:02.  (more…)