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When You Burn a Girl a CD (Or, Why I Have a Slight Crush on Jason Mraz) June 11, 2009

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When you burn a girl a CD, she will listen to it every single moment she is awake.

After she has listened to it approximately 25 times, she will ask you to print off the lyrics for each song.

After you print off the lyrics, she will sing along.

As she sings along, you begin to pick up the lyrics as well.

After you can sing every song on the CD, some phrases begin to stick out.

As you ponder those phrases, you begin to apply them to certain life experiences.

Those life experiences remind you of other songs, which makes you go to i-Tunes and download them.

After you’ve downloaded those other songs, your daughter hears them and asks you to burn her a new CD.

And, when you burn a girl a CD, she will listen to it every single moment she is awake.






Laundry and “Love Song” December 11, 2008

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     This afternoon I decided to tackle the laundry I’ve avoided for the past few days, and to make the folding less painful, I stuck my i-pod in my ears.  (I don’t know how it is for you, but at my house, the second I stick those ear buds in, every kid needs to tell me something.  Usually at the same time.)


     I knelt at the couch and got a good rhythm going with the whites, when Anthony (more…)


We heart Andy Williams December 3, 2008


     It’s official!  I have the COOLEST kids on the planet.


     Last Thursday they were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on television when, just at the end, a “grandpa” (their words) started singing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  They’ve been hearing this song daily for almost a month, so of course they were excited.  (Plus, it’s a really great song, especially when Andy Williams sings it.  The man exudes Christmas.  Seriously.)  I explained who Andy Williams was, and how he used to have a variety show on television, and he gave the Osmonds their big break.


     *blink, blink*  (variety show)


     *blink, blink*  (Osmonds)



Desperately Seeking Silence November 22, 2008

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     As I type this, I have one child asking me to find Nintendo cheat codes, my dad is (loudly!) channel surfing while the BYU/Utah game takes a commercial break, the dogs are play-fighting around my feet, Anthony is downstairs shouting at his sisters, the dryer is buzzing, the dishwasher is doing its thing, and what I really want to do is tune all of it out by taking a long, QUIET nap.


     I think I’ll have to settle for my i-pod, at least for now.  It won’t be silent, but at least it will shut out all the other noise.



“It’s the Holiday Season!” November 3, 2008

     When Alex was about 20 months old, my dad taught him that phrase, and took great delight in coaxing my precocious boy into repeating it for anyone with ears.  Of course, eight years ago it sounded more like, “Issa haw-day sisson”, but it was still enormously entertaining and so precious it made your eyes tear up.


     Or maybe just mine.


     Anyway, (more…)


It’s like ray-ee-ain on your wedding day… April 19, 2008

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     I committed my first vehicular homicide today. 


     It was purely accidental, and I’m sure I’ll have nightmares for the next few days about the sound of the body hitting my headlight, or the shuddery feel of the impact.  The worst part about it was, I was driving too fast to stop, and driving on the freeway off-ramp was no place to pull over and check on the victim.



List of “K, E, M and I” songs on Rosie, my i-pod March 9, 2008

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     I had to use all the letters in my name because “K” is woefully under-represented.  Lest you think I have a mental incapacity, I realized that a disproportionate number of Clay Aiken’s songs start with the letter “E” .  I also realized that the majority of songs come from Michael Bublé (four CDs worth), I have an embarrassing amount of Christmas songs STILL in the main playlist, the fact that I love American Idol is well-represented here, and that the songs that might make me sound “cool”– meaning they are popular on the radio right now– do not start with any of the letters in my name.  *sigh*

     Be kind.  Try to keep the giggles to a minimum.


“Kissing a Fool”– Michael Bublé

“East Northumberland High”– Miley Cyrus

“El Tango de Roxanne”– Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

“Elephant Love Medley”– Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

“Esta Noche”– Pedro Capó

“Every Time You Go Away”– Clay Aiken

“Everything”– Michael Bublé

“Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”– Clay Aiken

“Everything I Have”– Clay Aiken

“Make a Space For Joy”– Steven Kapp Perry

“Makes Me Wonder”– Maroon 5

“The Man With Many Names”–  Marvin Goldstein

“Mary, Did You Know”– Clay Aiken

“Maybe”– Emma Bunton

“Me and Mrs. Jones”– Michael Bublé

“Merry Christmas With Love”– Clay Aiken

“Messiah:  Part II, No 44.  Hallelujah”– London Symphony

“Mi Mancherai (Il Postino)”– Josh Groban

“Milking a Cow”– Steven Kapp Perry

“Moon River”– Andy Williams

“Moon River”– Joey McIntyre

“Moondance”– Michael Bublé

“The More Boys I Meet”– Carrie Underwood

“The More I See You”– Michael Bublé

“Movers and Shakers”– Steven Kapp Perry

“My Confession”– Josh Groban

“My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)”– Regina Spektor

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”– Josh Groban

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”– Michael Bublé

“I’ll Be There”– Emma Bunton

“I’ll Cover You”– Rent Soundtrack

“I’ll Cover You (Reprise)”– Rent Soundtrack

“I’m Your Man”– Michael Bublé

“I’ve Got the World on a String”– Michael Bublé

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin”– Michael Bublé

“I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore”– Carrie Underwood

“I Hate Myself For Losing You”– Kelly Clarkson

“I Just Can’t Live a Lie”– Carrie Underwood

“I Just Want to Be Your Everything”– Jason Castro

“I Know You Won’t”– Carrie Underwood

“I Miss You”– Miley Cyrus

“I Need Thee Every Hour”– Marvin Goldstein

“I Should Tell You”– Rent Soundtrack

“I Think God Can Explain”– Splender

“I Told You So”– Carrie Underwood

“I Want to Know What Love Is”– Clay Aiken

“I Will…  But”– SheDaisy

“Imagine”– David Archuleta

“Inside Your Heaven”– Carrie Underwood

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”– Jaci Velasquez

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”– Josh Groban

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”– Mannheim Steamroller

“It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)”– Michael Bublé