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Forget sugarplums. We have a new vision. (Help!) December 4, 2009

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Kemi:  Hey, Anthony, let’s go into Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a gift for the dogs.

Anthony:  Okay.  What are you going to get?

Kemi:  It’s this thing called Pedi Paws.  It’s a cool thing that I think they’re going to love.

     [Okay, that I’M going to love.]

Anthony:  …

Kemi:  Really.  Let’s look.

Anthony:  …

Kemi:  It has to be around here somewhere.  This is all the “as seen on T.V.” stuff.

Anthony:  (growing excited)  I know THIS!  I’ve seen this!  And this, and this and this!  Can we get them?

Kemi:  Let’s just stick to the Pedi Paws for today, okay?

Anthony:  (squealing)  Look!  Snuggies!

Kemi:  Look, see the dog Snuggies?  How funny are they?

Anthony:  (giggling)  Those ARE silly.

Kemi:  Okay, here we go.  I found what I was looking for.

Anthony:  What is it?

Kemi:  It’s this cool thing that cuts the dogs’ toenails, and it doesn’t hurt them.

Anthony: You’re getting them THAT?

Kemi:  Yes.  For Christmas. 

Anthony:  They don’t want THAT.   THAT  is not a good gift.

Kemi:  I think it’s a good gift.

Anthony:  It is NOT a good gift.  A good gift would be a Snuggie.  For dogs.  THAT is the perfect gift.


The post in which Kemi hates the economy, loves Cherry Garcia, and blows her budget. April 23, 2009


     I went grocery shopping today, to pick up a VERY FEW things we needed at home.  (It’s been months since I last went shopping.  I forgot how much I enjoy it, especially when the kids aren’t throwing tantrums.)


     I used to grocery shop at least once a week.  Kenny would stop by the store a few times a week on his way home from work.  We didn’t bat an eye about what went into the cart, and we never worried about what it was going to cost.  Spending less than $100 at the grocery store was rare.


     Until now.



The (New) Object of My Affection March 7, 2009

     Yesterday, my sister and I took our (collective) five kids and braved the Utah Home and Garden Show.


     I was a little unsure about going, in light of Anthony’s MAJOR tantrum earlier this week (and the similar-but-smaller-in-scale encore at story time on Wednesday), but it turned out to be a great day, kid-wise.


     I can’t say the same for the H&G show.


     Don’t get me wrong– it was amazing.  One company essentially recreated a mountain stream indoors, (more…)


Something noisy this way screams March 4, 2009

     After spending my morning in two classrooms yesterday, I thought I’d relieve Kenny for a bit and take Hannah and Anthony with me on a few errands.  (Mistake #1.) 


     We went to the post office first, where they fought over who got to stand on the base of the “wait here” sign and Anthony did pull-ups on the counter.  Then we went to the credit union (drive-through window…  I know better than to take him inside) where he yelled nonsense words at the cashier and kicked the back of the seat.  Then we went to the grocery store, where I had a list of six things I needed to purchase.  Six.  Not sixteen.  Not sixty.  Not six hundred.  It should have been an in-and-out trip.


     It went horribly, horribly wrong.




Worse Than Invisible January 30, 2009

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     There are some words we aren’t allowed to say at my house.  We don’t use swear words, offensive body-part lingo, crude bodily functions, nor are we rude (“shut up”) or hurtful (“ugly”).  There’s also another word we don’t say.  Not because it’s never been banned, but because my kids are sensitive and kind and wonderfully blind to size.


     That word is F-A-T.


     I am fat. 


     I am not delusional about my weight.  I don’t blame it on genetics.  I make no excuses for my body, and I accept responsibility for eating portions that are too large and for not exercising enough.  I have PCOS, and it’s been a problem, but it’s not the only problem.


     I get this.  I know.



The Beaded Frog December 10, 2008

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     I wanted to take a minute to feature the Etsy store of my friend Stacey, The Beaded Frog.


     I love Stacey’s jewelry.  It’s simple and classic and affordable.  My daughter loves Stacey’s jewelry because it’s colorful and bright and fun.


     If you’re looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, be sure to stop by her store.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



Kemi’s favorites:

Aquamarine Swarovski and silver necklace--SALE     Pink and Black necklace--SALE     Silver Snowflake earrings--SALE     Montana Snow Drops--SALE


Kendra’s favorites:

Jingle Bell Elastic bracelet     Triple Scoop Pearl earrings     Chocolate Fudge Sundae Earrings     Sprinkle Donuts plastic earrings


Today’s Christmas checklist November 28, 2008

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dangling-ornamentTurned on the Christmas music?     check

Put the Christmas tree up?     check

Sent Kenny to Target for Black Friday sales (craftily avoiding the chaos)?     check

Ordered some gifts online?     check

Finished up the Christmas shopping?     check

Ate Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch?     check

Put the kids down for a nap?     check

Sat down to relax for a bit?     (in progress)


Aaaaah, Christmas.