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Skirt, squared June 6, 2009

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     I wanted to post pictures of the twirly skirts I made for Kendra and Hannah.  They were really easy, even for a novice like me, and my girls love them!  Kendra wore hers for Friday’s talent show, and Hannah can’t wait to wear hers to church tomorrow.


     I printed off step-by-step directions (with pictures!) from this website.  When I make these in the future (I’m even considering one for me!), I will make them just a few inches longer to compensate for the “twirl” factor and inevitable underwear flash, but other than that, the pattern was perfect.


Kendra skirtKendra talent show











Hannah skirt


New bathroom! June 3, 2009

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     I had a crazy, busy, fun day today, in which I neglected to do anything productive, but found important ways to share my time with people I love.  The best part of the day was watching Ella Enchanted with my kids on our new couch, where we all fit and no one had to sit on the floor or wiggle around on my lap.  It was heavenly! 


     Now that the kids are in bed, I’m too tired to do a “real” post, so I’m going to take the advice of the comedian on my NaBloPoMo badge below and not overthink things.  Since it’s clean and there are no more boxes to unpack in it, I will unveil my new bathroom to you.  I think this is my favorite room.  Seriously.  I might just paint my bedroom this color.


For comparison purposes, here’s the old, yucky bathroom:




Destruction, disinfection, inevitable depression and a dress May 13, 2009

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     Aaaaah, alliteration.  (Look!  I did it again!)


     I have been missing for quite a while, and I promise I have a good excuse.  And pictures.  (Save your thanks until after you’ve seen them, however…)


     It’s been nearly three weeks (seems like SO much longer) (more…)


Sew happy! May 1, 2009

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     After two days of sewing, I finished two aprons for my exchange/giveaway and the majority of Hannah’s dress


     I had a blast.  Nothing else in my house got done, but I thoroughly enjoyed my sewing time.  Now all I have to do is put sleeves and a hem in Hannah’s heart dress, and she’ll be in heaven. 


     (When we get the basement back together, I’m going to carve out a little space for my machine, so I can sneak down there and sew without having to monopolize the kitchen table.  Or worry about cleaning it off for meals.)


     Here are the aprons, modeled by the lovely Kendra. 


















     I let Tami, the giveaway winner, choose the one she liked best.  She took the blue one, so I sent Kenny to the post office this morning with the pink one and 30 of my favorite recipes. 


     I sure hope Carolyn (my exhangee) (is that even a word?) likes her apron!


Busy, busy, busy March 13, 2009

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     I haven’t posted in nearly a week.  I’ve been keeping busy with this:




and with these:



(Look!  He’s not hitting her!)


and with these:

 ss-dress    ks-dress


and finishing this:




for him:





     I also spent the most marvelous two hours on the phone today with a very good friend.  We caught up and shared stories and I think I talked her ear off.  It was so wonderful, though, and so well worth it!  (Although I can’t say the same for her ear…)  Thanks for stalking me, Rachel.  You made my day.  My week.  My month!        


     It has been a very fulfilling week.  I am worn out!  Happy, but worn out.


     I’m calling it a night.


     (Don’t forget to enter the apron giveaway.  I picked out my fabric tonight, and I’m so excited to get started!  You have until Wednesday, March 18 to leave a comment and/or sign up for the apron exchange.)


The (New) Object of My Affection March 7, 2009

     Yesterday, my sister and I took our (collective) five kids and braved the Utah Home and Garden Show.


     I was a little unsure about going, in light of Anthony’s MAJOR tantrum earlier this week (and the similar-but-smaller-in-scale encore at story time on Wednesday), but it turned out to be a great day, kid-wise.


     I can’t say the same for the H&G show.


     Don’t get me wrong– it was amazing.  One company essentially recreated a mountain stream indoors, (more…)


Mondays March 2, 2009

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     I bet you thought this was going to be a post about how I hate Mondays, and how getting through one is cause for major celebration.


     Ha ha HA!  You thought wrong.  (Well, partly.  Getting through one IS a cause for celebration, but we’ll get to that in a minute.)


     I absolutely LOVE Mondays.  I didn’t used to, but something has changed in the past year that makes me giddy with anticipation when Sunday night rolls around.  I have to attribute a lot of my new attitude to this post, written by my lovely and eloquent friend Mrs. Metaphor.  Suddenly, what used to be Monday  turned into M!O!N!D!A!Y!!!  A new week!  A clean start!  Something to look forward to!


     I’ll let you in on a little secret– (more…)