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Of wardrobe woes and whales (and wails!) April 12, 2011

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Reason 2, 416,873 I adore my husband:


I am seven months pregnant, and have been wearing the same tired maternity clothes for the past six months (never again will I sacrifice the style I barely had in a regular wardrobe for the comfort of soft, stretchy elastic-waist pants of the maternity sort until I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO) (my children find it HILARIOUS that my waistbands creep up to my bra line in the front, not unlike like a bloated Ed Grimley)

Isn't this an image you wish you could erase from your memory?

and I am pretty tired of everything I fit into, at this point.  But as I was getting dressed today, my husband, who rarely takes notice of such things, clapped his hands together and said, “That is SUCH a cute outfit!  How come you haven’t worn that before?”


I may or may not have responded by sobbing gratefully in his arms, and covering his face with kisses.  Because a) he noticed!;  and b) he said something!;  and c) maybe I haven’t (completely) lost my (tiny) sense of fashion, even with a maternity wardrobe sadly out of date;  and d) he said I looked cute, instead of how I really look, which is like a beached whale.


It was a good morning…  until I walked into the kitchen, and one of my little darlings had to point out that my skirt was at least five inches shorter in the front than in the back.


I’m going to blame my bra.  I think it must be hungry for elastic-waist maternity clothes.  (At least one of us is enjoying them.)    😀


Fourteen June 10, 2009

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     You may think it’s the age of my emotional maturity, or the number of times I start a sentence- and a paragraph!- with the word “and” in my posts.  (I DO know better.  However, in my opinion, technical writing and blog writing don’t really belong in the same space, unless you’re writing a technical blog.)  Perhaps you’re counting my parenthetical asides, but you’d be mistaken.


     Today is my (more…)


Observations… January 3, 2009


     It has been a day.  (I’ll leave it at that.)


     Because it has been a day, I have had some things rolling around in my head that were just dying to be put in blog-post form.


     Don’t you feel lucky?


Observation #1When you go to the doctor for a physical for the first time in nearly four years, go FASTING, so they can draw your bloodwork on that very same day.

Also, keep good records of your previous tetanus shots.  When the doctor says it’s been ten years, and you KNOW you’ve had one since then but can’t prove it, be prepared to get shot in the arm.

Sub-observation b—   When they give you a shot that needs to be “worked out” to minimize pain, be sure you know BEFORE you get the shot, so you can get it in the arm you write with, instead of the other, less-utilized one.


Observation #2When you go to have bloodwork done on a Saturday morning, and your husband assures you he’ll get up to shovel the 2+ inches of snow that fell the night before, be prepared to shovel it yourself.  On an empty stomach that hasn’t had food or water in 13 hours.

Celebrate the extra exercise you’ll get to add to the Wii Fit.  Seriously consider bagging real  Wii Fit training for the day.


Observation #3When the vampires at the lab draw five vials of blood out of your arm, and your veins are like garden hoses even when mildly dehydrated, is it too much to ask for them to hit a vein on the first try? 

I swear, this morning, the needle went in sideways.  SIDEWAYS. 


Observation #4When your kids want to have a party and make you the guest of honor, let them.  I’ve never been so happy to see 1000 strips of paper taped to a bedroom wall, nor felt so honored to wear a paper crown adorned with red paper hearts.  We played a rousing game of “I Spy” before everyone sort of drifted off to their own activities, but it was a FUN party, albeit short-lived.

(I may not be so happy in a week, when the paper strips have made their way off the wall, onto shoes and/or socks, and moved through the house, but then again, maybe I’ll put my crown on and we’ll party some more while we clean them up.)

By the way, it hurts your heart a little when your kids ask you if you’ll come, and then express utter joy and disbelief when you say, “Yes, I’d love to attend.”


Observation #5It is not nearly as fun to take the Christmas tree down as it is to put it up.

Although, when your husband says the same thing, you wonder if it’s his way of getting out of helping.  (Yup, probably is.)

Also, how is it that in the five weeks since the furniture was rearranged to accomodate the tree, the couch had more toys and papers stuffed under it than it did for all four previous months combined?


Observation #6An ice-cold Pepsi is the nectar of the gods. 

It makes everything better.


Observation #7 Tomorrow is my blog-oversary, and I have no gifts to give.

Pa rum pum pum pum.

I will figure something out AFTER I get the living room put back together.  (I can’t guarantee you’ll be excited about it. ) (That would be the gift, not the living room.  Although I’m sure you wouldn’ t get excited about my living room, either.)



     See you tomorrow!  I’m sure you can’t WAIT!!!   😀


Love at home? Today it’s barely-concealed tolerance… June 8, 2008

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     It all started when the alarm went off this morning at 7:25.  I lifted my arm to hit snooze, and the motion sent waves of nausea through my body.  I lifted my head from the pillow, and I kid you not, my hair hurt.  It took me a minute to realize it, though, because of the unceasing throbthrobthrob of pain in my head.


     Migraine.  Wonderful. (more…)


On Marriage… April 20, 2008

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     I love this quote, and I adored this lady.  Enjoy!


Try not to be too demanding of one another. There must be a little give and take, and a great deal of flexibility,to make a happy home.


             —Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Glimpses into the Life and Heart of Marjorie Pay Hinckley


Blah! April 16, 2008

     Today is one of those blah days. 


     It’s gray and overcast outside, which makes it the perfect day to snuggle up under a blanket and read a good book. 


     Except I have a two-year-old and my house is a mess, and both of those things make it very hard to relax. 


     While the latter is usually the fault of the former, today I have no one to blame but myself.  I  chose not to wash the dishes last night before bed, and I  left the three sorted piles of laundry on the floor, fully intending to wash them in a Mt.-Washmore-style frenzy.  (Before you start protesting that a sink full of dirty dishes and three loads of laundry are not really that big of a mess, let me reassure you that they are just a verrrry small percentage of the actual work I need to do to make my house presentable.)


     Because I know how much you’re dying to read about my blah day, I’m going to walk you through it.  Weep for me, readers.  This is my reality.  Every.  Stinking.  Day.


  • Woke up five minutes before alarm went off
  • Made breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast and fresh fruit)
  • Got two kids ready for school, checked homework, signed planners, said a family prayer and sent them out the door
  • Put one load of laundry in the washer, realized dryer was full of dry (wrinkled!) clothes
  • Hugged Hannah when she asked if today could be a pajama day  (Bless her!)
  • Changed at least two stinky diapers before 9:30 when Anthony went down for his morning nap
  • Let Hannah play on the computer
  • Answered a knock at the door with wild hair, unshowered and still in pajamas.  Of course it was a MK customer, asking about her order that hasn’t come in yet.  I should be fired for representing the company that way, but I have a hard time caring.  And a harder time putting on “the face” just because.  Lately I’m lucky to do eye shadow and mascara. 
  • Sat down on the couch next to Kenny;  promptly fell asleep
  • Had a very strange dream about hitting Billy Ray Cyrus with my car, which I realized had something to do with the “Amazing Videos” show my husband was watching on Spike TV and the Hannah Montana episode he accidentally started on DVR
  • Woke up at 11:30 AM in a panic when Kenny said he needed to leave for work in 15 minutes, and could I please check on the clothes in the dryer, make his lunch and get him a clean towel while he jumped in the shower?  (What is it about leaving things to the VERY.LAST.MINUTE with men?  Or is it just my  man?)
  • Helped with all of the above, kissed him goodbye, said a prayer
  • Fed my kids lunch
  • Caught up on my blog reading
  • Let Hannah and Anthony watch an episode of “Dora the Explorer”, “Hannah Montana” and “Wow, Wow Wubzy!”  (Not going to win any “Mother of the Year” awards today.  Don’t care.  Not today, anyway)
  • Put them down for naps
  • Microwaved Monday night’s leftover pizza (ick!) and mindlessly watched tv for a few minutes
  • Continued in vegetative state;  caught up on two episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” that I DVR-ed at least six weeks ago.  Possibly longer.  Wished I had the body that would fit into any of those beautiful dresses.  *sigh*
  • Felt guilty about not doing more around the house;  brought up dry and wrinkled clothes to fold later.  Put wet clothes in dryer, put dirty clothes in washer
  • Watched more “Say Yes to the Dress”
  • Welcomed Alex and Kendra home from school;  folded Kenny’s half of the wrinkly whites
  • Lamented the fact that it is still overcast and gray, and the soonest I’ll be able to curl up with a book is 8:00, when the kids go to bed.
  • Blogged about it


     Why are some days so hard?  I just want to curl up and go back to bed.  I feel drained of energy and motive.  Thank goodness FlyLady creeps into my head and reminds me that I can do anything for 15 minutes.  Except, today was a 5-minute day, and I seem to have a lot of those.


     Sad.  Pathetic.




Dear Kenny (2.0), April 8, 2008

Dear Kenny,


     I am really upset with you tonight.  (more…)