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My Crafty Self January 7, 2008

I thought I’d share a little bit about what I love to do.  I’m not so creative on my own, but I’m very good at following directions and I love to make things.  I enjoy cross-stitch and rubber stamping, and when I’m very brave, scrapbooking. 

 What do you like to do?


14 Responses to “My Crafty Self”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    I really enjoy working on the computer~creating spreadsheets, pdf files, web sites…I love electronics.

    I also collect dalmatians and lighthouses.

    I love to help others~which I am always doing…be it family, friends, children, students, or strangers.

    I love to organize-organize-organize…and get rid of junk!


  2. daisygirl19 Says:

    I could really use you at my house right now. I feel like I’m being overrun by stuff. Ack! I hate creating new spaces for Christmas gifts.

  3. HH Says:

    Well most of my friends know I am not great with the computer in fact I am compulexic. I do love to do beading, needle point and other things with my hands. I am not great and following directions so sewing is a bit of challenge, but I am a demon with a glue gun. Too bad it didn’t work for designing clothes because I would have a haute couture wardrobe if that was the case. I love volunteering at my daughter’s school. I also like to create Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

  4. Busty Says:

    I really don’t have any hobbies anymore! I used to play sports, A LOT. I sing every so often now and I play the violin, I hope to brush up soon and join a local orchestra. I’m a dork!
    I enjoy drawing. I also like paperwork, this is one reason I enjoyed management positions! I’m with you Mer,I like to organize and I just can’t wait until I have my storage unit because this house is going to have a place for EVERYTHING. I enjoy donating clothes and household items to charity. I also donate to a couple children’s cancer centers.
    I LOVE home decor and am in a major redecorating project right now!

  5. daisygirl19 Says:

    HH- I love volunteering too. I used to teach fifth grade, and I love working in my kids’ classes. Or correcting papers for the teacher. Or cutting out craft supplies. LOL When I was in high school, I worked as a candy striper, and I’d love to do that again. (My husband is not so happy about it, though. He thinks I give enough of my time already.)

    In my son’s class (third grade) I am working with a pull-out group of gifted students each week. We do lots of games and activites designed to stretch their minds. In my daughter’s second-grade class, I am working with a handful of the lowest readers, trying to bring them up to grade level. It is very rewarding, but I do miss working directly with Kendra.

  6. HH Says:

    Kemi, Wow we are such geeks! I used to be a candystriper through all of my teens. I loved helping people! When I was too old to be a candystriper I was a volunteer first aid attendant for St. John’s Ambulance and then went onto be a first aid instructor (it was a paid position). But I did volunteer to teach young children the basics of first aid it was called the Ready Teddy course and we used to have fun putting bandages on teddies and such.

    I know what you mean about volunteering at the school. I love doing it and helping in the classroom too. I wish I had more time to do it.

    I also like to write poetry when the muse hits. Another hobby of mine is finding a door to knock on to call for a rescue when my beetle breaks down – ROF –

    Busty you do have lots of hobbies you just don’t know it! You are crafty with the internet – believe me you are my technoguide dog!

    Hugs to ya Kemi and Busty!

  7. Busty Says:

    HH…crafty with the internet although I’m sure thats a compliment, kinda makes me sound like a fat pimply dude sitting in front of a computer all the time…LMAO

  8. HH Says:

    You definitely aint no fat pimply dude! It is a gift that all you techno savvy junkies have that those of us who are compulexic envy and can only dream of!

  9. Sky Says:

    I love to bead! I grew up beading and thank goodness, I paid attention! 🙂

  10. Anita Says:

    I just found the cutest website that has fun ideas and I thought you might like it too.
    Check it out:

  11. Heather Gerard Says:

    I would like a copy of the hand soap template. Thanks tons!!!

  12. Jen Says:

    Do you have a copy of the helping hands template? I am doing this for an Enrichment activity on the 13th of November and am thinking I might have to start from scratch. I would love an email with it if possible!


    Jen from Oregon

  13. suebeard Says:

    i love to do all kinds of crafty things. I really enjoy making things that I can use for a “Happy” for handicap My children are grown so I now have lots of free time to do little crafty things for others. I have requested the Helping Hands tmeplate so I am going to try making the soap bottles for handy little happies. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Debbie Says:

    Could you send me a copy of the helping hands template?

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