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Impending Bloom May 1, 2013

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Baby Luna is scheduled for delivery on Friday.  (Unless the storm that brought this morning’s snow also brings us a baby before then.)  While I am elated at being released from what my friend Melissa calls “House Arrest”, and I can’t wait to snuggle my new baby, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little anxious about what will change.


This is the last time our family will number 7.

This is the last time I will ever be pregnant.

Last time to feel a baby kick and move inside me.

Last time to bond with Kenny over a new life that we created.

Last time to be pampered at the Women’s Center.

Last two nights of decent sleep, at least for the next few months.  🙂

Last time wearing maternity clothes.  (I can’t say I’m too sad about this one.)

Last c-section and recovery.  (I can definitely say I’m not heartbroken about this one.)


There are a lot of other things I’ll miss about my life the way it is right now.  I’m sure that several of those will include doing things with two hands, showering regularly, and not having to take a double stroller everywhere.  However, when I think about all I get to look forward to (a new baby, nighttime feeding sessions that are exclusively ours, a new baby, our completed eternal family, and have I mentioned a new baby?), those little things seem trivial in comparison.


As much as I love being pregnant (and really, I do!), there is nothing like holding– or, in my case, seeing over the surgery curtain– your brand new baby, knowing that it came from a divine place, and realizing that it is yours.  Yours to love, to nurture, to bless, and to teach.


So, while there are a lot of “lasts” in my immediate future, there are equally as many beginnings in store.


Here’s to our new family… a family of 8.



Baby Luna November 28, 2012

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How do you tell your kids they are going to have a new sibling when some of them have heard it four times already?

You take them into the mountains on a crisp, October day for a hike and a picnic.





Then you stop to take pictures of them on a picnic table.

You tell them, “Say ‘Cheese!'”  Then you say, “‘Cheese’ is boring.  Say, “‘New baby!'”

(They may look at you like this.)



So you might need to say something else, like, “Say, ‘May 24!  New baby!’  Surprise!”

And then you get pictures like these, which are AWESOME.






And then you tell the rest of your family like this, on Halloween night:



Then, you throw around some nicknames you can call the baby until it’s born.  Boo, Autumn, Taco Salad, Burrito, Pooky, Star… and none of them feel right.  And then on Thanksgiving, your brilliant sister says, “How about Luna?  It’s Spanish for ‘moon’.”  And everyone loves it.


So, Baby Luna* is official!


(*With that name, I hope Kenny’s right about her being a girl!  We won’t find out until May.)


A Thanksgiving Surprise! November 26, 2010

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I am grateful for my family this Thanksgiving season.

I am ESPECIALLY grateful for the extra place we’ll get to set at our table for next Thanksgiving.
(July 1, 2011, but probably not past June 19.)


Fourteen June 10, 2009

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     You may think it’s the age of my emotional maturity, or the number of times I start a sentence- and a paragraph!- with the word “and” in my posts.  (I DO know better.  However, in my opinion, technical writing and blog writing don’t really belong in the same space, unless you’re writing a technical blog.)  Perhaps you’re counting my parenthetical asides, but you’d be mistaken.


     Today is my (more…)


The nastiest thing I’ll ever write about (knock on wood) April 29, 2009

     The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things.  Of ships, of sails, of ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings.


     In other words, it’s time for the SEWER POST!!!


     (Aren’t you all dying with anticipation?)


     Last Thursday night, around 7:30 PM, there was a knock on our door.  (more…)


A Simple Plan Postscript February 21, 2009

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     I spent a lot of time thinking, typing, and deleting during yesterday’s post.  When I finished it, it was almost 11:30 PM, and I felt like while it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped to say, it was good enough.


     I was wrong.


     Okay, not wrong, exactly, because I did want to talk about simplifying my schedule and my home, but I didn’t want to come across as beating myself up for my lack of mothering skills.  (For the record?  I think I am a GREAT mother.  I could be better, which is what I’m striving for.  But as I am?  I’m pretty darn good.)  What I didn’t touch on yesterday was the overwhelming feeling I’ve had lately that I can be happy with simple.  I like simple.  I think simple will like me, too, as soon as it finds me.  (Hee hee)




A Simple Plan February 20, 2009


     I’ve re-typed the intro to this post at least a dozen times, and I’m still not happy with it.  I’ve decided to abandon it altogether, and just jump into this post with both feet.


     One…  two…  THREE!


     I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the life I’d like to live, compared to the one I am.  I’ve also been feeling especially nostalgic, which I figure means one of three things:


1.  I have caught up with a lot of old friends on Facebook,

2.  Worrying about making ends meet makes me long for my carefree childhood, or

3.   My spirit is trying to tell me something.


     As I’ve pondered these feelings, I’ve decided that I have too much “stuff” in my life.  Too many things.  Too many distractions.  Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in stuff, and it’s killing me.  (How is that for dramatic?)  It’s not just household clutter, although there is plenty of that.  It’s the outside stuff that steals my time and my focus, and makes me shake my head at the end of the day and wonder why I didn’t get more done.


     Computer, I am talking to you.