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Yay for Spring? April 26, 2013

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Hannah and Anthony were outside riding scooters this afternoon.


“Hey, Mom,” asked Anthony, “if there’s a sprinkler that’s on, is it okay if we ride through it, or should we go around?”


“It’s warm enough,” I told him.  “You can ride through.”


Minutes (and I mean no more than TWO minutes) later, Anthony tried to sneak through the back door.  Luckily for me, he was foiled by his baby brother.  Sheepishly, he asked me if I would take his shoes and put them on the rug to dry.


“Just how wet are you?” I asked him.


“Not too bad,” he told me.


“Let me see!” I said.


“Uh, do I have to?”


“You do now.  Let me see.”


He pushed the door open all the way, and it looked like he had jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed.  He stood there, dripping onto the garage floor, with a nervous smile on his face.  “Hannah is this wet, too!” he protested.  “It isn’t just me.”


All I could do was smile.  “So, it’s okay?” he asked.  I laughed and nodded, and he ran back to Hannah as fast as he could, screaming,  “She says it’s okay.  Let’s get wet again!”


They rode scooters for nearly an hour.  They probably would have ridden longer, but the neighbor’s sprinklers turned off for the night.  What a shame.


It’s a good thing that tomorrow will be warm, too.


In Protest of Snow (Or: Knock on my door at your own risk!) March 8, 2011

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Yesterday was lovely.  Slightly overcast, with just a drizzle of rain off and on, that turned into a steady shower by mid-afternoon.
My girls even came home from school and begged to play in the rain, because, according to them, “It hasn’t rained in, like, a YEAR!”  (I don’t know where they’ve been the past few months, when it’s rained at least once a week, but okay…)






Towards the end of their rainy frolicking, about the same time their bare toes turned a chilly pink color, the rain turned slushy and I made them come in.  (After which, Hannah immediately started crying because she was just so, so cold.  After which, I, always the sympathetic, caring mother, said something along the lines of, “Well, duh.  I told you it was going to be cold.  It’s still WINTER, after all.”)  And then I made hot chocolate with marshmallows, and all was forgiven.


About the time they finished warming up, (more…)


Sunny with a chance of water balloons April 22, 2009

Water balloons     Yay! I have a [fairly] quiet minute to sit down and post!


     Today has been one of those days where I have been busy ALL DAY LONG, but I have nothing to show for it.  Or, I have things to show for it, but not a single one of them have to do with the million things that need to be done inside my house.  It’s enough to make my head hurt.  Truly, it is.


     I woke up just a little past 7:00 AM, but I forced myself to stay in bed until my alarm clock went off at 7:30.  What a waste!  I should have just gotten up.  Because I slept in, I didn’t get Kenny’s lunch made in time, so we had to take it to him.  Normally it isn’t a big deal, but I had Abbie today.  Normally SHE’S not a big deal, but I was trying to get Kenny’s lunch ready, shower, talk on the phone (Rachel, again, you made my day!  I SO needed that conversation!), get some laundry going, get some updates on my mom (who had gall bladder surgery, but she doesn’t want anyone to know, so ssssshh!), get a dinner prepared I could take to my parents, and keep the house from falling down around my ears.


     It was a long morning, and aside from the phone call, not a very good one.


     I DID get (more…)


Parks and Picnics April 7, 2009

     This afternoon, Alex played hooky from scouts and we took the family to the park for a picnic and some playground time.


     The weather was beautiful.  We were a little chilly sitting at the picnic table, but as soon as we moved out of the pavillion, it was perfect park weather.  The kids ran and played on the slides, and Kenny and Alex tossed a football around for about an hour.  (Alex has nearly perfected his throwing and catching techniques.  I’m amazed at his natural ability.)


     Anthony made a little friend, and his mom asked if we could have a playdate sometime.  She left before I could give her my contact information, though, and I feel horrible.  I hope she didn’t think it was personal.  I got sidetracked when Kendra fell off of a giant tube onto her face, neck and then back.  (She’s lucky she didn’t break something.)  The poor kid had sand in every facial orifice, not to mention a terrible abrasion over her left eye, and she got the wind knocked out of her.  By the time we got her straightened up and brushed off, the other mom was on her way to the parking lot.


     Maybe we’ll see her there again sometime .  *sigh*


     All injuries aside, we really had a wonderful time together.  On the way home, we took the “scenic” route past the Jordan River Temple and drove slowly around the grounds.  Anthony had a fit when we told him he couldn’t go inside– at least not yet– and we promised we’d go back another day when we were dressed in something nicer than shorts and sandals to let the kids walk around the outside.  I remember doing that as a kid, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!


     Alex commented on how nice it felt at the temple, even being in the parking lot, and we had a nice discussion about why Kenny and I chose to be married there, and then which temple the kids would choose for themselves.  (Alex said “Draper!”, Kendra and Hannah both chose Jordan River, and Anthony wanted whatever Alex picked.  That is some big-brother worship right there.)  It all fit very nicely with our new family motto, We Love to See the Temple.


     It was such a nice evening!  We used to do activities like that all the time when Alex and Kendra were little, when Kenny worked at UPS during the day and was off at night.  When he switched jobs, he worked every night, and with the oldest two in school all day, there was very little family time.  When he went back to an alternating day/evening schedule, I guess we were just out of the habit and forgot to pick it up again.  We are determined to move forward, however, and we look forward to a whole spring and summer of parks and picnics.


     Doesn’t it sound lovely?


Spring May 9, 2008

     We’ve been experiencing a strange weather pattern here in Utah.  Last night I heard a meteorologist refer to it as a “Spring pattern”, as in, alternately rainy and sunny.  I don’t mind the heat, as long as it maxes out at 80 degrees (yes, I know I live in the DESERT.  Hush!), and I love the rain.  It’s been such a long time since we’ve had regular rain in the spring, I actually forgot that it’s normal.  In fact, the last time I remember having a rainy spring was in 1995, the year we got married.  (It rained almost every single day from the end of April through mid-June, and I remember thinking my wedding photos outside the temple would include an umbrella and galoshes.  Luckily, there was no rain on June 10 that year.  It was a wedding miracle!  ha ha)


     I’ve missed the rain.  I LIVE for thunderstorms.  I love the deep, grumbly, growling thunder that shakes the windowpanes and rumbles in your stomach.  My kids aren’t such fans of the noise, but they DO love lightning, as long as they are safe inside.  When they were really little, they used to call lightning “strips of bacon”.  It was a hilarious joke they shared between themselves (you know how silly pre-schoolers can be), and it will probably be something they laugh about when they’re in their 80s.  Maybe not in the shrieky, screaming, hysterical way they do now– one can hope, anyway– but with nostalgia and fondness for youth.


     Anyway, Wednesday was a really rainy day.  They walked home from school in the downpour (BAD mommy!  VERY good book!  BIG distraction!) and when I met them on the corner, apologizing profusely, they asked if they could watch for “strips of bacon” when we got home and they dried off.  (guilt, guilt, guilt!)  At that point I would have agreed to practically anything, and this was an easy request, so we pulled out the rocking chair, pulled aside the front curtains and set up their “strip”-watching station.


     Believe it or not, they stayed there for over an hour.  Just staring out the window, watching the rain fall and occasionally shouting their approval of nature’s light show.


What season are we in? April 15, 2008

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     I am sitting here in a t-shirt and capris, having kicked off my flip-flops ages ago.  I am also wrapped tightly in a fleece blanket, shivering like I am stranded in Antarctica.


     Why are you so cold?  you ask.  (And thank you for your concern.)


     Because it’s snowing outside.  Yes, snow.  Big, fat flakes alternating with sleet and frosty pellets of frozen rain.  It’s April 15, and it’s snowing.


     I am not a complete moron.  (No snickering.  I heard that.)  When I got dressed this morning, it was very warm.  Very.  Warm.  We’ve been running the air conditioner for the past two days.  Without it, our house was a sweltering 74 degrees.  I went on a field trip with Kendra yesterday, and I got sunburned.   Badly, painfully sunburned on my neck, face and arms.  It was 78 degrees yesterday, for crying out loud.


     And this afternoon, there is snow.


     I am cold and wet after having made the ten-step jog from garage to van, to pick up my children from school.   (For once they listened to their mother and did NOT wear a jacket (or long sleeves or long pants or socks with their sandals– Hush.  They are 9 and 8…  they can get away with that look!), nor did they take one with them just in case.)  Then we all ran back into the house.  Less than five seconds in the snow, and I am covered in it.  Way beyond damp.  (Hence, the shivering.) 


     Did I mention that today is April 15?  And it is snowing?  And YESTERDAY it was 78 degrees?


     Don’t mind me.  I’m just a little cranky.  The snow is starting to stick and I am all out of hot chocolate.


     And marshmallows.